The Case

The majority of these users will say simply, use it to protect us from the cold contact products in this classification I have placed those who transferred us their usefulness with the simple fact of being on top of them or to the side or front, for example, a motorcycle must be installed to be able to handle, but normally we are outdoors, a work of art that impresses us and we bought itIt transmits its artistic beauty with just impact our sense of sight, a pen or similar we only require a surface contact. There are many products contact, that Act from edge to our senses and are part of the consumer environment. We consider this classification a wide variety of products and services that are apparently complementary life ordinary, so for example we can comment on services of furniture, lighting and decoration. In the case of marketing experiences, have the example of the atmosphere which is scheduled in supermarkets, to make buyers feel immersed in the actual environment of the product. Thus, near the coffee counters, offers tasting of coffee, raises the reaction of the sensors of the smell and taste through the taste and aroma and fresh coffee and quality.

The feeling of freshness is important in the case of dairy products and the natural presence of white tones to remind cleanliness and purity. (If there is heard mooing of a cow much better!) In this category the sensors are external, covering product by their periphery or part of it. PRODUCTS introduction in my view, this is the most interesting classification, because the product enters the consumer body, invade your privacy, generally with the complacency, (sometimes not). For example, a caramel is inserted into the mouth and begins to exert its influence When sugar melts into her, rewarding the sensors. All foods fall into this category. But are also medicines: pills, injectables, suppositories and ovules, which are introduced with or without the consent of the consumer and that after producing a discomfort, exercising its utility providing satisfaction after use.


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