Necessary Physical Spaces

The language extends the cognitivo development because it favors the relationship and it provides the ways of control of what it is it are of reach for the lack of the vision. So that the learning is complete becomes necessary to supply a systematic programming to it of experiences, giving emphasis the concrete learning and to the auto-learning. The deficient appearance has little motivation and chance to establish social contacts, a time that cannot, as the ones that they see, to apprehend the social behaviors and norms of they encircle that it to imitate them. Also the fact of the deficient appearance is well registered to have for norm low one auto-they esteem, presenting frequent high levels of anxiety and unreliability and lack of legal capacity of decision. It is important that it receives stimulaton, that the light one to feel interest for the world encircles that it, expanding it horizontes, allowing to know, to relate and to live deeply experiences browse-quality to guarantee that this learning is something significant for it. 3,1 Spaces Physical and Movable The pertaining to school space, that also understands the furniture, must be prepared of form to receive all and any pupil, offering propitious conditions for the learning, changes and interaction of the people, futures citizens. He is basic to think this space thus the pupil allows if to put into motion and to cover all the classroom, so that if he feels to the will to go and to come when to desire. To the same keep the furniture always made use in place and any change in the disposal of the same ones, is necessary that the pupils are informed thus preventing, accidents and even though so that the changes are adaptem. One becomes necessary that if it creates a space in the room where the pupils make the use of materials and have the responsibility to keep become them part if its routine thus so that they are felt confident and independent.


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