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POS Weisswasser

Former pupils of 1 secondary school Weisswasser plan the biggest school meeting of the Lausitz alumni of Weisswasser 1 middle school plan the biggest school meeting of Lusatia former pupils of the 1st middle school Weisswasser (formerly 1 POS Weisswasser and 1 community school Weisswasser) wondered what we could hold instead a 5-yearly reunion. First, […]

Secretariat Letter

Mrs. os Staikouras . President of the Republic Michelle Bachelet Jeria.-dear Susbcribers: I do them reach the second Personal letter sent to the President. After that strangely is lost the first-before that nothing greeting it hoping you are well and yours.-Ms. Michelle, I believe that freedom of expression does not have a color or political […]

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