Secretariat Letter

Mrs. os Staikouras . President of the Republic Michelle Bachelet Jeria.-dear Susbcribers: I do them reach the second Personal letter sent to the President. After that strangely is lost the first-before that nothing greeting it hoping you are well and yours.-Ms. Michelle, I believe that freedom of expression does not have a color or political tendency-is the Faculty and the power that gives us our prevailing system of communicating and expressing our thoughts and frustrations before events and truths that are often closed to the public. The truths in freedom are on top of any power that this against this innate gift in human being, while our minds, thinking and heart that gift to be free beings, there is nobody achieves silence.-Mrs Bachelet, I am sending you this new Charter, since the first never reached its destination, since after several strange facts, was lost.- as you well know, when a person submits to the President of the Republic a letter in personal and physical form, there are three control rings, both personal as the own missive, at once the letter is received by two independent people, a staff of carabineros de chile, and an officer of Palace (Office of parts) this is annotated in two blogs, independent, and finally rings on Palace.-delivery of my first letter to guard letterhead and before leaving the palacio de la monedathe officer tells me that if there is no response to my letter, you return after 30 days and will answer you personally.-good return after 40 days, having no answer, the two officers communicate with me that letter was mislaid, before which to express my indignation, which I am sure it is stamped on the respective book and me refuses.-so there are these media with the first authorityIf basically comes what they want to read to you and I say this with much responsibility and I respect that before writing, I sent him through the portal of the Government, more than thirteen mail-insist that there are people or institutions that are openly coludidas, to get that sent him, not to their hands.-below I mention some strange details of other vivid situations after the loss.-at the time of demand an explanation in the Palace Guard, about my letter, begin internal calls, which extend for about 20 minutes, in one of those calls the guard communicates with a woman to report the problem, inside the dialog, carabineros personnel, she asked me if I was the same person who had sent e-mails, whereupon I answer you that if, when hanging the person on duty Madam claudia the second strange situation thanked women by name thanks that calling records with date November 23, 2007in which my presence it had been my name at the time of leaving my first letter, I refused, saying that he was not in the guard-when ordering the registration of the second stage, also I refused.-before you go asking me again in 7 days, since you find where this my letter, on the seventh day I again to communicate: you knew nothing of it and it asks me to leave the ring copy, which by logic not leave it, since it is the middle of test-after a few days get a call on my cell phone from a woman, alluding to be Secretary of Minister Weber, and tells me that it is finding out about the loss of my letter, which will communicate with me to report within the next few days…a few days giving the Minister and not received no call.-What strange call the Secretariat of the Minister, never told me his name and I don’t think that a Minister worry about the loss of a letter, unless the ascertains the reserved contents of the same.-Madam President, I believe that the right to the truth?, it is one of the more fundamental to any institution and people, I believe it essential.-without the freedom to tell the truth, denounce injustices, and be able to make changes.-respect the freedom of expression, by more offensive than the consider, it is to respect our own identity as a free and sovereign nation, and the persons or institutions that feel certain or calumniadas, have the mechanisms of democracy, to express the truth or lie of the facts-I say goodbye and I hope that this letter reaches your hands, simultaneously send you a copy of the first.

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