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European Wardrobe

In most European countries and throughout the world, dressing room – an obligatory attribute of any apartment. Dressing room – a separate storage room for accessories for the beautiful clothes, your favorite clothes and shoes. Room for a wardrobe can be the most .V basically it is a separate room where you can go look […]

The Core

Wood – the core of the tree trunk, which is used in joinery, construction and carving. The tree grows. In the spring of cambium forms a set of new cells. In the summer, and especially the fall of cambial activity decreases, cells become smaller and their walls are thicker. They like short cells are dark […]

The Manufacturing

That is, after the material and color is chosen by you, it is mandatory to clarify – is it not on the stock and how much, in his absence, you will have to wait. Let me remind you that 3-and 6-mm artificial stone in any case need to be ordered in advance. 4. Colours. In […]

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