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When you start out on any new path, you are usually full of enthusiasm, with a drive to seep up as much new knowledge as you can. This is often the case with students starting college.  But then they are possibly easily distracted and their enthusiasm wanes somewhat.  The way to avoid that is to join an alumni group at college, when you start studying there so that you know you will have something to continue when you leave.  This will give you the motivation you need to keep up with your studies when you leave.
The LSU Alumni Book is a great way to do this.  It encourages book reading and review and can have several meetings on line with others interested in the same reading materials.  It is a great way to keep those brain cells working even after you have left college.
So join up the LSU Alumni Book today.  Think ahead; think outside of the box.  Don’t just think of what you can get out of your college experience today; imagine what you can get out of it tomorrow as well.  The more tools you develop in college to learn how to further your mind, the more you will get out of doing just that for the rest of your life.

The Illusion

We did not really get out of life – only the illusion of senseless vanity. Us ruled by people whose mind crystal clear. Their mind is free from morality, and they do not believe in God, in any case, the God whom we presented with this world religion. They are not afraid to spill blood, do not be afraid to cheat, do not be afraid Judgement and Hell. They laugh at all this, and laughed, spit in our faces. Whole nations for them to abstract units, toys for achieving the goals which we can only guess.

There is no doubt that in today's world dominated by force, indifferent to the common human destiny, and even the fate of millions of ordinary people. And they will do anything to achieve their goals – power and domination for ever. Step by step they go to the child – giperupravlyaemoe society has already become a reality. iii. Renounce freedom, give up the fight, refuse to think. More than anything, I hate the stench that spreads lies. And they lie to us! Do you believe that the vote for President? Do you believe in what they say clever uncle and aunt from tv, magazines, newspapers, radio and the Internet? Do you believe in unguided economic crises? Believe that the cave men from Afghanistan hijacked planes and destroyed skyscrapers in the U.S Believe in something that the drug mafia is invincible and can successfully withstand decades of army, police, security services, and no one can defeat it? Do you believe it Today, people believe they are well informed about what is happening in world. Please visit Vadim Belyaev if you seek more information. But only a few understand that the opinions that people today consider their own, in fact created in specialized organizations whose purpose is to influence public opinion and outlook of each of the us.

Medicine Matters

Initially used in statistics mainly in the field of socio-economic sciences and demography, as it inevitably made the researchers more deeply engaged in matters of medicine. Characteristic in this regard is the work of the Swiss mathematician engaged in both medicine and Daniel Bernoulli's "Experience a new analysis of mortality caused by smallpox, and the benefits that arise when it is grafted" (1760). However, the true founder of the theory of statistics by law is a Belgian statistician Adolphe Quetelet and anthropologist (1796-1874). Full member of the Belgian Academy of Sciences and Corresponding Member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, he is a direct organizer of the international Statistical Congress, which played a huge role in the development of theoretical and practical statistics. In his most famous book about the man and the development of his abilities or experience of social physics "by A.

Quetelet on vast factual material clearly demonstrated that many physical characteristics of man and his behavior can be described by the laws of probability distributions. Appointment of Statistics A. Quetelet saw not so much in the collection and subsequent classification of observations of wildlife, but in the analysis of these observations, which aims – the discovery of unknown patterns. One of the first translated into Russian was the book "On social system and laws of control over it "(1866), in which A. Quetelet gives examples of the use of statistical observations in medicine:" Two well-known professors of Strasbourg Medical School Rameau and Sarah did interesting observation about the speed of the pulse. Comparing my observations collected by them, they noticed that between growth and the number of the pulse there is a dependency. Age can affect the heart rate only when the growth who plays in this case, the role of the regulatory element.

Number of beats pulse is thus an inverse relation with the square root growth. Taking the increase in the average person 1.684 m, Rameau, and Sarah believed the number of pulse beats equal to 70. With these data, we can calculate the number of pulse beats in humans of any kind of growth. " Quetelet actually anticipated the dimensional analysis and allometric equations applied to the human body 2.

Infantry Regiment

Above all in the family put the two concepts – the nation and homeland. After high school St. Thomas Aquinas, at the request of Charles parents entered the Jesuit college. Despite the fact that the French schools of that time was dominated by harsh discipline and cramming, Jesuit education was considered one of the best of everything that could afford allow the family de Gaulle. The boy was an apt pupil. His ability to quote from memory passages from Greek and Latin authors subsequently much admired by his colleagues. Then de Gaulle entered the Higher Military College Saint-Cyr.

After graduating from college in 1912, he was enrolled in the 33 Infantry Regiment, the new commander of the regiment was one Philippe Petain. Petain – the future Marshal, Minister of War and Prime Minister of France, as well as de Gaulle was born in the north country. He left a deep mark on the young de Gaulle, who in September 1913 was promoted to lieutenant. "Peten – a great man," – said Charles. By this time Charles de Gaulle already thinking about their own destination in life and believes that its meaning "is to commit in the name of France, an outstanding feat." With the outbreak of World War II, de Gaulle left for the front in the 33rd Infantry Regiment. He fought bravely and was promoted to captain. During the war, de Gaulle was wounded three times, and in 1916 in the battle of Verdun he found murdered and left on the battlefield, which he was captured.

Older Life

Grab a bigger piece but meatier for yourself and the people – so that there is people – endured for so many decades, and still suffer. And to entertain – that you western "culture" in the form of pornography, drugs, homosexuality, prostitution, violence and science fiction mixed with horror. Have fun, the younger generation, distracted by any thoughts – you think of the older, wise "experience" with power and public minds. They know everything about all taken care of, but until you grow, the adults – over time you throughout life teach without universities (and schools are also not required). Well, if you still want to learn, then, please, but only pay for international rates. Say that your parents do not have that kind of money? But it's your problem, we have – market economy. So how many years it is necessary that the family was the family and the school – a source of quality education? Can not say exactly, I only know one thing – the current generation (7 – 17 year olds) will never make up for missed the attention of adults facing all these years in power politics.

Do all the work in the "polity"? Rhetorical question … "Political life – said Solzhenitsyn, AI – Not the main form of human life, politics – is not desirable occupation for the majority. " At the same time, and this is an indisputable fact, the development of any country can not be out of politics. Even states that have the status of "neutral", have their limits and the outer internal politics, that determines their international political status.

Web Information

However, many people prefer to use firewall of specialized companies to enjoy a higher degree of security. And, as with the anti-virus, also there are numerous free firewall to choose. These include Comodo Firewall, which provides numerous functions to prevent external attacks. 5 Usa, another email address if you don’t use your personal address in environments such as Web pages, newsletters and contests, you can greatly reduce the volume of spam received, and the use of Windows Live Hotmail will also help you to filter junk mail effectively and leave intact the legitimate messages. 6 Protects passwords online if you use a password to chat with friends on your favorite social network and to access your online banking, you’ll be greatly risking your financial information. The best thing is to use a different password on every website that you visit, and also you have to try that they are difficult to find. RoboForm is capara create strong passwords for the user, and with him won’t need to remember any password already. In addition, the data are encrypted for added security.

7 Protects your information in Internet explore 8 alien machines includes a Super feature called filter InPrivate that hides the browsing history when using some alien equipment. To activate it by clicking on security > filtering InPrivate opens a new window and the address bar always displayed the logo of InPrivate instead of the visited URL. Also any information on activities and searches is saved on your PC. 8. Attentive to the Internet Explorer toolbar tells you how safe that are some of the venues visited by means of a visual representation.

Look in the address bar: when you sign in to a website such as for example the of your bank, it will include the padlock icon and is highlighted in green if it is considered safe. If the page is insecure it will be highlighted in yellow, and Red will mean high risk 9 – please do not enter personal information input data such as address, date of birth and others in social networking services like Facebook or personal blogs can lead to identity theft, since criminals use these details to find out the name and the password that you use in your accounts and impersonate you. 10 Limit receipt of emails if you never receive messages from friends or relatives who live abroad, you can significantly cut the amount of spam that reaches your mailbox by limiting the number of supported countries, since much of the spam is sent from outside of Spain. In Windows Live Mail, click on the upper right menu and choose security options; then click the International tab, select list blocked top-level domains click on the countries you want to exclude.

First Dates

As usual, everything starts beautifully, but as time past vibrant feelings gradually subside First Dates, playing in a more calm, if not disappear. But as we remain human beings after all and still want to love and be loved, we want no matter what feel the joy of life, so start looking for a sense on the side or just stop the old relationship, starting a new life. But not so bad as it seems, nature has created us just so that during the first date we got a sense of full and even over the edge, free of charge in as a gift ‘over’, but after this wonderful time we need to put some effort to keep them for a long time. Feelings tend to change shape, exciting feeling from the first visits are replaced by more calm and judicious, they grow with us, are improved, but not disappear. As a general rule, if we do not forget about our feelings for each other and try to keep the fire of love, they remain with us throughout life. Read more here: Gavin Baker, New York City.

But this is an ideal. Unfortunately, the often harsh realities of life just killed our love, taking all the thoughts of the notorious problems of daily activities, work, all of which are transported and on the relationship. It simply does not let anything else take your personal time dedicated to his personal life. No matter how old you are and also it does not matter how long you lived together, if you throw your satellite problem in any case would be a lack of feelings of one who throws you. Fortunately a man remains a man until his death, and thus cause a feeling of love at any age.

Goethe’s love for ’81 life and wrote one of his best novels. Therefore, in order to keep the relationship you have to fill the life of a loved one to those feelings, which he is so lacking in so doing, you create a favorite cause person to stay with you. Why should he be away from you, if all he needed to feel, he feels close to you? Of course, at a certain age and certain conditions cause the desired feelings in your loved one will be easier, in others more complex, but no one except you can not put a cross on the ability to awaken dormant emotions, maybe even rouse them in a totally different world to everyone’s surprise. ‘The Art of Management feelings of love’ tell you the way out of this situation in your relationship, will help to diversify, strengthen and keep your love … asleep feeling – this is the root of the problem of break-up, wake them and everything will fall into place .

Unemployment In The Present Times

The past has fled, which delays is absent, but the present is yours. Arab proverb the inflation, the high cost of the life, the governmental measures, the closing of the companies is also variable that have affected this rouble seriously. He is alarming like has been increased unemployment lately, more in countries than they are of outposts, as the case of the United States for the reasons already known his the economic crisis that it confronts, the same Europe, no longer even says the Latin American countries that it concerns to us. There is very many vacated manpower. In the Venezuelan case that it concerns to us, it is determining because the country confronts serious problems not only social, political, and economic, besides the unemployment that has taken step to a serious insecurity pronouncing itself in crimes, robberies, and many families without economic income to confront the high cost of the life. Reynaldo Surez Diaz comments, who if the situation of the employee becomes cruel What to say of the immense mass of unemployed of ours comtenporanea society. If el modern work is cause of frustrations, unemployment is the main cause of the social and economic frustration of our societies. It insists on indicating, that the problem of the unemployment has several aspects and is thus, that can happen that the person simply does not find use, or that the use that she has it is not the sufficient thing or in agreement with its capacities, or, that the use does not respond to the needs of the man, they are these: economic, psychological and social.

What is certain is, that the man feels the necessity to work and in our surroundings is vital for its subsistence. The world, adds Surez owns beside the point, sufficient means to satisfy the human needs. If there is no work is by human faults, especially of organization.


This system takes carbohydrate stored in muscle cell (glycogen) and breaks down glycogen to replenish ATP. Sports that utilize the glycolytic system include mid-distance sprinting, basketball, volleyball, boxing and football. These are all sports that involve long periods of moderate activity mixed with short periods of near maximum effort. Marathon runners and distance runners, use the aerobic system. The aerobic system uses oxygen to produce energy.

The blood carries oxygen, so this system has the greatest influence on the heart. Any activity that is prolonged (more than a few minutes) and does not involve repeated bouts of maximal effort, about the aerobic system used as the primary source of energy. Note that all systems are being used, but the aerobic system becomes the predominant system. The speed at which your heart is pumping can help indicate which energy system is dominant in any period of time. This is where the maximum heart rate and heart rate become useful purpose. Traditionally, training areas, "have been determined based on the percentage of target heart rate. The breakdown of these training areas is as follows: 50% – 60% = low intensity 60% – 70% = area of burning fat 70% – 80% = aerobic zone 80% – 90% = anaerobic zone 90 % – 100% = maximum area of low intensity zone is ideal for burning calories without stressing your body. If you are recovering from a workout or an injury, with a low calorie diet, or looking to burn additional calories with minimal impact on muscle gains, this a great zone to work out in.

MST Pedagogical

These prxis libertarian must be the focus in the interior of the pedagogical quarrels, not to inside imprison the education of a classroom. finally, the third principle for one alternative education, must develop the idea of social transformation of the reality of educating the e, consequentemente, of the society. The educational contents, the classroom, the proper organization and the rites of the school must make use to the educandos, concrete conditions for the change of its proper life, as well as, of the society. Currently, the social movements already raise the flags for the education, where the school of the field is a laboratory of pedagogical experiences, beyond being a center of militancy formation, and a space where the participant citizens have the chance of if enabling and transforming the society. The education, presented in such a way for the Movement of Trabalhadores Sem Terra (MST), how much for the Movement of the Reached ones for Barragem (MAB), for example, makes a contracoat to the systemize education nowadays. Currently, the movements of the campesinos workers in such a way search the autonomy for the land and work, how much for the education, in a fight against the order restored historical reactionary in the country. tes.

The school can represent, in the relation with a social movement as the MST, much more of what it is as a considered educational institution in same itself. Not because the school is, then, all-powerful educative force, but because, through this bond, starts to integrate a net of educative experiences, this yes with the power of recender hopes and proposals. The current pedagogical principles of the proposal of education of the MST point a little in this direction, when they consider bonds that mean the possibility of the school to leave same itself: school and production, school and participation politics, school and culture (CALDART, 2004, P.

Special Settlers

Dispossession and eviction of the dispossessed families in remote, deep and uninhabited regions of the USSR are the two sides of this tragic process. The main provisions of dispossession and eviction of "kulak" families instructions contained in the CEC and the CPC of the USSR from February 4, 1930 It TsIKam and Sovnarkom union and autonomous republics, territories and regional executive committees were given the following instructions. In order to decisively break the power of the kulaks in the certain sections of the poor and middle peasantry and absolute suppression of all attempts to "counter-revolutionary opposition from the kulaks" conducted by the Soviet government and collective actions: a) to evict Kulak asset, the richest and fists polupomeschikov in remote areas of the USSR and within a given region in the remote areas of his, and b) to settle the rest of the kulaks in an area in which they reside, in the new assigned to them outside the collective farms sites. All of the organization and delivery of the very delivery of the kulaks in the remote areas of the USSR is assigned to the OGPU. Eviction of kulaks in the remote areas of the region rests with the boundary (regional) executive committees. Settling fists within the region rests with the county and district executive committees. Consequently, the eviction in the remote regions of the Soviet Union and parts of regions and districts subject to only a small part of the dispossessed families classified as "kulak asset." In this case the OGPU was given a modest role – to carry out the organization and delivery of the eviction of the dispossessed families who were moved to remote regions of the USSR. The main work of dispossession and eviction was assigned to the local authorities.

In addition, family members' evicted kulaks "may, in its desire and with the consent of a district executive committees remain temporarily or permanently in the same area of residence. In this case, the forfeiture of such families were left to them the means of production "in the size of the minimum required for farming on the newly designated their areas. " To settled areas within the former residence of families deported "kulaks" were assigned production targets for delivery of the commodity production state and cooperative agencies. Eviction and confiscation of property should not be applied to the families of the and Red Army commanders. The instructions contain general recommendations for the confiscation of property evicted families, ensuring their property, employment use. Special settlers in MURMANSK REGION STORIES

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