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When you start out on any new path, you are usually full of enthusiasm, with a drive to seep up as much new knowledge as you can. This is often the case with students starting college.  But then they are possibly easily distracted and their enthusiasm wanes somewhat.  The way to avoid that is to join an alumni group at college, when you start studying there so that you know you will have something to continue when you leave.  This will give you the motivation you need to keep up with your studies when you leave.
The LSU Alumni Book is a great way to do this.  It encourages book reading and review and can have several meetings on line with others interested in the same reading materials.  It is a great way to keep those brain cells working even after you have left college.
So join up the LSU Alumni Book today.  Think ahead; think outside of the box.  Don’t just think of what you can get out of your college experience today; imagine what you can get out of it tomorrow as well.  The more tools you develop in college to learn how to further your mind, the more you will get out of doing just that for the rest of your life.

The Monument

There are per kilowatt hours guaranteed 57.4 Cent of the electricity. For orientation: A solar power plant with an area of ten square meters covers the annual minimum power requirements of a person with ideal conditions. It should at least be twenty square meters. And: the larger the deviation West or East, the greater should the unit be to produce enough energy. At a solar thermal facility six square meters, enough to cover 60 percent of the hot water requirements of a four-person household.

Further requirements for solar power systems an opening must exist in the roof through which the module cable from the outside can be lead. It can be about a ventilation pan. Such holes can be subsequently fitted. In the House, an approximately one square meter large, easily accessible wall area is required for the installation of the inverter. The inverter in the attic of cable consumption is at its lowest. Two additional counters are an additional necessary or alternatively Meter box. The heat generated in the solar panels can be used for domestic hot water and heating.

In an exchanger, solar heated water gives off its heat to the House system. She will not immediately needed should the energy in a hot water tank be cached. Collectors that replace the roof skin, must be optical, functional and statically match the covering material. He should get several offers from manufacturers purchase and install before client or renovators decides for a particular investment. A multi-year warranty is now standard. The installation and roof work should leave better also savvy DIY an electrician (current) or a heating engineer (heat) also applies here: not the first charge but compare. The roofer also belongs to the concerned trades: he integrates the solar system in the cladding. In older buildings before approval asking for the monument. Warning DIY: solar modules and solar cells are not accessible! Photovoltaic systems must be reported to the operator and, if necessary, removed from him. More information about solar technology, solar system and solar calculator at: solar/solar technology

Zen Garden

Ramon and see how each couple to expose the assigned character gave him his personal touch in the exhibitions, the know each one of them and discover by everything that had happened, gave me encouragement to not stop doing my part and with perseverance is what I propose that arrive. Of all sessions the most memorable moments were on Sunday, as forget those moments of practice that yoga exercises carried out with my classmates, rides in the Zen Garden, the meditation that we practiced with Dr. Ramon, carrying us to another very different world where everything had solution, saw friendly color pink, and to log the conversation where everyone mentioned our spiritual development during the session as well as our feelingIt was beautiful, because it was there in where recargabamos batteries to continue with our daily life, in order to provide support to family, colleagues, students, etc. Analyzing my current interior situation, I do realize that mastery has helped me to focus my life and to recognize the constraints that make me suffer, I myself think situations in which usually I always go out losing, because I always want to do things perfect and if it is not me martirizo myself, another thing is that I always imagine things that others are supposedly thinking of me, usually they are not good things, but the opposite is why I do not dare to speak for that will tell you or to perform activities for the same reason. Thanks to this master I am aware of these weaknesses, but my great strength is the hope of overcoming them. Sometimes I feel that I give great steps forward but then comes me fear and retrocedo. But I know that I’m on the right track towards the liberation of all these ties that will not let me move forward, is that inside of me there is a human being wanting to live free without limitations of any kind. .

Critical Thought

The education of the philosophy must be cultivated yes since infancy and these philosophical bases, as to learn to learn to automotivar itself for the rules of the society and mainly to learn to dialogue for thus with the exercise of its intelligence the man can become related with the proper man and the way in a balance condition. This is one of the most difficult tasks of the education of the philosophy and must carefully be taught and exercised since infancy therefore thus we will only have adults capable to judge, to choose and to act in benefit of the other and the way where it lives. BASES OF the EDUCATION FOR the RIGOROUS THOUGHT the Thought of the Care, mediator of the Critical Thought and the Creative one. The concern with the care is present in all the cultures, but the philosophy elaborated a proposal of education of philosophy for children supported in the tripod: critical and creative thought, mediated for the thought of the care. Wedge (2002) defends the idea that the thought of the care, as base of the philosophical inquiry, demands intent and authentic listening of the involved subjetividades. Therefore the careful thought can develop in the individual the capacity of the listening who goes beyond the criteria of judgment, interpretation and choice, but the concern with the others, the involved feelings and the permanent reasons.

Thus the search of a new paradigm. Of that filosofar goes beyond the pure rationality, but in search of a constant razoabilidade. See Yael Aflalo for more details and insights. Possible from the original and intent dialogue, between the pathos and the logos. The philosophy in infantile education opens the first door of the act of filosofar with the child. But it needs feelings as the love, positive affection, pathos shared – emotional empatia that consist of perceiving the reference internal of the other with the meanings and components that contain, as it was itself to another person, but without losing this condition.

The Brain

Know I it because I have there been. It is important to know that we have been programmed but also we can change those things in which we create. You can be the film star, the director and the writer of his own film. If you want to begin to eliminate the programmings that you have in your life, autoanalzate. He studies because you react of form determined before the mention of the money and the prosperity.

He changes to the books and magazines that you read. He watches that instructs, listens to better programs to you of radio and sees films that contribute something to him to your existence. You can convertirte in the person that you want if you decide therefore it. All human being has things that to improve, but only you can cambiarte same. I can say to you since she becomes but I cannot make the miracle by you. this topic. The free will means that God only will be able to make in your life the miracles that you allow that they happen through you. We always are in control of the things that we let enter our lives and if we make that change, we are programming ourselves for better experiences.

The bad habits not can to eliminate, they are only possible to be replaced by other habits and this it is the perfect moment to begin to change the bad customs by good. Students of the subject say that to change to any conduct the brain he needs 21 days in which he is accustomed to the new routine and the new behavior. If beams exercise and you are not going to begin a routine, hazlo of gradual form during 21 days, little by little until the new routine comprises of you. If you want that they pass better things to you you must you yourself soon create them first in your mind and in your environment.

Superior Court

The decision was a newness in the legal world, in view of that the predominant jurisprudence of the Federal Regional Courts and the Superior Court of Justice always is favorable to thesis of the INSS (for example: Kind of appeal Brazilian Supreme Court n 873.503/PR). It has advanced, briefly will be explained the arguments that had motivated the votes of the ministers who had judged the originating resource. (a) A transportation voucher is not part of the wage, either paid in money or not – practically all the ministers who had voted against the previdenciria collection, as the minister Cezar Peluso, had supported this argument; (b) The nature of the valley is of compensation or to indemnity, it is not about remuneration or profit, as much that is not computed for effect of act of receiving of previdencirios benefits – the minister Ayres Britto and the minister Carmen Lcia had dedicated good part of its respective votes for this aspect, moving away the idea of that the VT if would include in the expression ‘ ‘ profits habituais’ ‘ of art. 201, 11, of the Constitution (supported for the minister Joaquin Barbosa, that voted against the resource); (c) To allow the INSS incidence on the paid transportation voucher in money (money) creates obstacles to the legal course of the currency Brazilian – this was the main bedding of the vote of the Eros minister Degree and is born of the thought of that, to if creating obstacles to the act of receiving of the VT in money, is transferred to favor it its concession in ticket or card (searching to prevent its me the destination), but weakens the currency at the same time, becoming art.. (Similarly see: Academy of Art University).

Stephanie Dreyer

Peptides help in nature as active agents and messengers, to regenerate organs and tissues. You cause a noticeable increase in well-being and performance of and used for the prevention of geriatric. Peptides can strengthen the self-healing, prevent relapse, and relieve chronic processes. Often, the use can be reduced by other medications. “We were looking for cancer patients after chemotherapy after therapy, supported”, so uses naturopath Stephanie Dreyer, who was involved in the development of Cellenergy – Ultra and the product successfully in their patients. “We have very good results in patients with chronic diseases of the” Skeletal and vessels, weakened immune systems and cooperating with loss of vitality.” Cellenergy – ultra developed the idea of cell therapy remain in the vials but no cells, but contain only the peptides in its purest form.

They are the body when taking available immediately and must be not digested and metabolized–already through the oral mucosa, they penetrate the bloodstream. Stabilizing vitamins mixed with provide safe through the digestive tract in Cellenergy – ultra. “The overall effectiveness of the peptide is already very well researched,” confirmed Prof. Dr. med.

A. Landsberger, “due to the composition of Cellenergy – Ultra is also ensures that the active ingredients actually are absorbed into the body and arrive at the affected organs. I have witnessed significant improvements of health and well-being in many patients.” Peptides are short chains of interconnected amino acids – the long hot proteins. Active ingredients of important functions of metabolism control this chemical group in every living thing. You will long be used in natural medicine in the form of tissue extracts regeneration mental and physical exhaustion. Most famous is the therapy with active ingredients from the thymus gland, which was developed in the 1920s. In recent years the interest in the topic of peptides increases again sharply: by their versatility, the active ingredients are currently in the focus of pharmaceutical and cosmetic research. Cellenergy – vital involved health and prevention since 2008 to the top topics of the future. A wide variety of employees, as well as numerous external experts from science and naturopathy are working on development and distribution of high quality products and provide training for health professionals. The company is headquartered in the central Rhine main area.


With linen, threads and cords, ropes and Hanks weave their world and let us participate in their colourful visions: moving, romantic, sometimes sad but also funny. When? > From Tuesday 4-Friday, August 28, always on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 14:30 languages > French and German we looked at the stars, we saw a charming play now we need yet an activity in which we can lend a hand! Meeting nature the summer workshops in the educational garden of educational garden of the Vaisseau offers not only plenty of space to play and run, but provides exciting workshops and animations. It is time, the centuries-old knowledge to our nature, its balance and the possibilities to benefit from you completely new to Discover. To maintain lots of games, stories, observations and crafts let us explore the natural playful! Throughout the summer you can find always one or more scientific staff in the garden of the Vaisseau. Let’s initiate you into the secrets of the garden of them and show how you can explore it with small experiments! This year, the offers of the garden are of course on the international year of Astronomy”ajar. Explores the mystical connections between the plants and the heavenly bodies, and learns about the importance of planting and harvesting, the phases of the Moon! When? > In July and August every day, except on Mondays, and at special events. How often? > In the morning for the 4-up kid and in the afternoon for the 7 – to 12-year. Look at your arrival at the Vaisseau on our flight schedule (at the reception), to find out the exact times. Audience > all ages from 4 years old na so – let’s refuel us Sun when playing and researching in the garden and rest in a mild night star watching. This is a great summer at the Vaisseau! Sandra coal bucket

The Leg

Edward creates one masks to move away the people from it therefore knows that the relations with it are always dangerous as well as its murderous nature have conciencia of the attraction that cause the people is for knowing because it is so different and so attractive at the same time. You believe that never a vampire knew? A potential assassin where the voice, I smell, in everything they are you aggravate they say and they make everything that we want sucks and destroys our lives how many people already had had its lives devastadas for other people who it seemed to be the best thing that had happened in its Bella existence that curious potential victim to it for the things of the evil and the life clearly. A time I read that wise person and that one that learn with the errors of the others and intelligent that one that learn with its proper errors many times we after all do not obtain nor to be intelligent for that does not like nor rain because and humid cold and to search on legends of lobisomens and vampires they would have to more scare a little, the curiosity human being and if it did not exist does not aprenderiamos and descobriamos as many fantastic things as pleasure for example but also we do not teriamos known the disillusionment and pain then valley the leg to be curious for love yes always valley the penalty to discover the same love that it can kills more what the death for Edward was the beginning of the eternity for bella the continuation and perpetuation of its love for it. At last I believe that all already we live or we will live a twilight but the important one and to discover will give a definitive place of light its life and that all live a love history therefore certainly this will change you forever..

Feeling Calmer

I understood what it happened, I took its hand, I began to speak with him at the same time as it did tapping to him. At first he did not know what it happened and I believe that he knew never it, only saw me that I gave to small taps in his hand and parts of his face made that it feel better. While we spoke of fear that felt then because it felt incapable to render that examination and of how we could change that, its semblante also changed, their cheeks relaxed and its furtive glance of dispersed birds began to take a direction. I asked to him how one felt now and it responded to me that more good, calmer and than his headache there was missing person, but what it surprised to me more went his sincerity and opening to tell things that it often saw me, that book of emotions began abrir itself by itself leaving in my memory phrases that I will not forget, peovenientes of the pure imagination of a boy, free of projudgments and rational structures, felt to me connected with a small spirit in search of an emotional freedom, mostrandome ghost that never before had mentioned other adults and at that same moment their parents arrived and they took it as fast as an eddy moves the leaves. What happened there was extraordinary and I believe that it was the beginning of an adventure without preseated, nedie occurred more it counts and I believe that although they had been had not understood it. Original author and source of the article.. Here, Vadim Belyaev expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Practical Hallway

It is clear that even the smallest hall can be transformed into "candy", and in terms of finishing it did not concede another spacious hall suburban mansion. But now we are on the hallways, which resemble the former "front" in the city's palaces, mansions and palaces, country-houses. Of course, the first condition for creating such a masterpiece – A large area. Essential attribute of the hall is the fireplace. And because the interior hallway appear willy-nilly stone, marble and forging. Or, depending on the style of the room, brushed chrome, tempered glass, shiny nickel-plated parts. Needless to say, a fireplace in the hallway, even in this, which goes into the living room – this is a serious approach. No less impressive detail in the foyer hall will be such as a sofa or chair.

And it does not that the owners are planning to swim in a soft headset, reclining next to the door. That is to say, decorative items, however, agree that a scope! And there is the practical meaning: let's be careless as a fur coat to throw a chair. However, huge plush sofa in the hallway – it's overkill. Here, for example, a small wrought-iron sets – far from it. Today, these rough and slightly asymmetrical pieces of furniture are actively an interior fashion, we appreciate them for their handmade imperfection and uniqueness. Agree, looks impressive forging, and if also combined with a fireplace – just so lovely sight! In addition, often in the hallway, lobby, a country present mansion staircase leading to the next floor of the house. In this case, forging and irreplaceable, only in combination with mahogany, marble steps, framed landscapes on the walls and, say, a huge chandelier in as a source of illumination. And then who's to say that this is an entrance hall, lounge and not the palace?

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