The Heart

Many say that our heart is just a suction blood pump. It is curious however, that we tend to relate it to values and feelings as love, evil, generosity, meanness and others … What is so special in our hearts that motivates us to relate it to values and feelings? Concepts such as whole-heartedly, good-hearted, bad heart, heart of stone, generous heart, and so on. are present in our language … but, why just the heart? What’s in it so special? Why not use the other organs to identify character properties? How would have reacted if they told you are good generous pancreas or spleen? A brief look at anatomic heart tells us that such a double action. First contracts and pushes blood throughout the body, and then expand and suck the blood into it.

In this cycle, the heart supplies blood to the body only in the amount required. For this reason we strive, emotions or love, the heart works harder and fills the organs of the body of supplementary blood supply to that demanded by them. If you become lazy and caters to a lesser amount than required, the body ceases to function due to lack of oxygen and energy. However, it does provide more blood than needed, probably much tension erupt arteries. In fact, if we reflect on the role of other organs, which also distinguish them work for the body as a whole. The health of the whole body is important for each of its organs, so it is convenient for them to care for him.

The kidney filters the blood, lungs, gas exchange, the intestine makes digestion, and the legs walk. However, the heart stands out especially in its targeted delivery to transport and supply the entire body of liquid of life, blood. And here we come to us humans. In the distant past were very close to nature and our performance was in line with her, feeling for each other as organs of a body. But with the growth of our desire to enjoy the sweetness of life and think only of ourselves, we distance ourselves from nature and lost the ability to be attentive to each other and meet the needs of others. The relationship with others has changed for the worse, but our physical body is still operating as usual. The heart and the generality of the organs of the body remind us of the correct relationship with the reality of our lives.

If we go back and focus our attention on understanding the real needs of our neighbor, will function again as one body. Thus we recognize that we are special, but just as there is a special role for each of us the benefit of the body in general. So we feel for each other, and we will check how the distance becomes cooperation and hatred into love. We are not require any external change, no provide grants, not volunteer, and even help old ladies cross the street. Credit: Jeffrey Lacker-2011. All that nature offers us the opportunity to enjoy a new perception that there is, awareness of the unity, cooperation and love of neighbor, similar to the body’s organs in its entirety. As one man in one heart. Rav Dr. Michael Laitman is master in cyber netic, doctor in philosophy and Kabbalah, a professor of ontology and epistemology. He is founder and president of Bnei Baruch and ARI Institute in Israel.


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