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– To be of eye in the title expenditures it are of the credit card, therefore they also will be paid (and they will be paid with the same net salary). But, you can ask, as you make this? You will go to need to take in consideraes some basic elements: INFORMATION: total knowledge of prescriptions and expenditures. Credit: kitchens-2011. ANALYSIS: to know which they are the less important or unnecessary necessary expenditures and. By the same author: Joeb Moore & Partners LLC. PLANNING: to determine the objectives and the strategies to reach the financial balance. IT DISCIPLINES: not to leave the planned way, the track will take that it to financial independence. PERSEVERANCE: the way can seem difficult, but the success is waiting in the end. ATTITUDE and RESPONSIBILITY: to reach its objectives depends on you. The following step is to place everything this in action.

E for this you have some options: ) To start already; b) To start already with the aid of a book of financial education; or c) To start already with the aid of a Financial Coach. It stops to postpone and it enters in action. One remembers that the more to delay in entering in action to decide this problem more interests you goes to have that to pay. The time is money, and in the case of the debts with banks, administrators of credit card or financiers it is much money. To decide the problem means to generate the necessary behaviors they will assist that it to live inside of a budget. A Coach goes to help it. — ‘ ‘ The financial balance does not depend of how much we earn, but of as we spend what ganhamos.


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