First Dates

As usual, everything starts beautifully, but as time past vibrant feelings gradually subside First Dates, playing in a more calm, if not disappear. But as we remain human beings after all and still want to love and be loved, we want no matter what feel the joy of life, so start looking for a sense on the side or just stop the old relationship, starting a new life. But not so bad as it seems, nature has created us just so that during the first date we got a sense of full and even over the edge, free of charge in as a gift ‘over’, but after this wonderful time we need to put some effort to keep them for a long time. Feelings tend to change shape, exciting feeling from the first visits are replaced by more calm and judicious, they grow with us, are improved, but not disappear. As a general rule, if we do not forget about our feelings for each other and try to keep the fire of love, they remain with us throughout life. Read more here: Gavin Baker, New York City.

But this is an ideal. Unfortunately, the often harsh realities of life just killed our love, taking all the thoughts of the notorious problems of daily activities, work, all of which are transported and on the relationship. It simply does not let anything else take your personal time dedicated to his personal life. No matter how old you are and also it does not matter how long you lived together, if you throw your satellite problem in any case would be a lack of feelings of one who throws you. Fortunately a man remains a man until his death, and thus cause a feeling of love at any age.

Goethe’s love for ’81 life and wrote one of his best novels. Therefore, in order to keep the relationship you have to fill the life of a loved one to those feelings, which he is so lacking in so doing, you create a favorite cause person to stay with you. Why should he be away from you, if all he needed to feel, he feels close to you? Of course, at a certain age and certain conditions cause the desired feelings in your loved one will be easier, in others more complex, but no one except you can not put a cross on the ability to awaken dormant emotions, maybe even rouse them in a totally different world to everyone’s surprise. ‘The Art of Management feelings of love’ tell you the way out of this situation in your relationship, will help to diversify, strengthen and keep your love … asleep feeling – this is the root of the problem of break-up, wake them and everything will fall into place .


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