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In ancient times, when a man walked into my first house, there was a need in the windows. Windows let the sunlight in the daytime and at night there is a need, the windows with something close, and cope with this function The most obvious stick, on which hung the skins of animals or ordinary leaves. This is the stick and became ancestor of the modern cornice for curtains. Time passed, mankind began to feel the need to aesthetic beauty and comfort, have not gone unnoticed and karnizy.Karnizy With the advent of metal rods for curtains were decorated ends. In those days, and tucked the fabric edge pierced and stretched into the resulting loop ledge. It was the first curtain.

The invention has tips not only functional solution, but a way manifestations of individuality, an expression of art and ways to decorate the home. Tips for cornices made from metal, wood and bone. Click Joeb Moore to learn more. Masters of inspiration worked on his compositions and performed works in the form of animals, birds and flowers. Gradually began to enter the fashion rings and grommets, which was attached tissue, and, Of course, clips – these ornaments shtor.Karnizy curtain as an element of decor so rails for curtains are a significant element of decor of the room. In the 19th century in vogue gilt cornices, decorated with ruffles. The ceilings were decorated with modeling, therefore, not to overload the interior, tips for curtain rods are more modest.

Whimsical birds and rasteniyaotstupili to second place, they were replaced by military and heraldic motifs. Were widely distributed carved moldings with lambrequins. By the late 19th century fashion for pomp and pomposity was to leave, and curtain rods have become more stringent, made without artistic delights. Around the same time, curtain rods were placed in doorways, use them to divide the space in the room, for example, separate sleeping area. The twentieth century is the century minimalism. The influence of the war years and spread on ledges and to shtor.Funktsionalnost restraint era gave rise to curtain rods, bars, came into vogue and profile strings, elusive eaves. Modern curtain rods please abundance of choice. Today the fashion for more than a curtain loyal. There are classic wooden eaves, cornices profile, cornices, acrylic – it is transparent rods for curtains, creating the illusion of floating fabric in the air. Coming into fashion roller blinds on shtory.Moda Blinds are designed fabric cornice and lifting or sliding mechanism. Roller blinds, like no other, fully meet today's popular minimalism. Blinds are easy to clean, have a manual or automatic control (electric eaves) are quite reliable. Blinds perfectly combined with other types of curtains. Group of Companies "Master" offers decorative moldings and profiled for Jewelry arches, windows, bay windows. To your list of elektrokarnizy, cornices for bedrooms, study and kitchen. Our designers will help you choose the perfect curtain rods that will best fit into the interior. Home – this is the place where the soul and the body should rest by contacting our company, you can pick up a cornice that meets your taste and decor.

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