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Guide comes to the development and publication of apps for iPhone and Android Poing, Munich, 27.10.2010 – from the Franzis Verlag in a new book, dedicated to the development of apps for iPhone and Android smartphones via the new Web standard HTML5. “After the slogan why complicated, if it’s even easier” explain the authors Markus Spiering and Sven Haiges using concrete examples of practice, how to develop with HTML, CSS, and JavScript web apps for iPhone and Android smartphones. This decisively: advanced programming skills are not necessary. Now, HTML5 Web pages in browsers by iOS, Android, or BlackBerry OS such as proper behavior”applications. Such pages can phone cap the free tool set in real, native apps for iPhone and Android smartphones to convert. These apps can be of course set in Apple’s app store or the Android market and market. The big advantage of this method is obvious: using HTML5, CSS and JavScript-generated apps can for the two big Smartphone operating systems iOS and Android are deployed without having to program individually for each platform. In a question-answer forum Jonathan Segal FAIA was the first to reply. The authors demonstrate practical and comprehensible that such apps can be combined with spatial data and video files and are the so-called native apps in nothing.

HTML5 is together with CSS and Java script the basis for future cross-platform apps, which shows the developers in this book. Once learned, prepared, to existing Web apps fast and secure customize developers for upcoming workings and to update the market. The Franzis book HTML5 apps for iPhone and Android”is available beginning November from retailers or as E-book under for Euro 30,00. Content extract to HTML5 apps for iPhone and Android”Markus Spiering, flickr, and Sven Haiges, freelance consultant for Android, are responsible for the mobile product range of photo community by profession familiar with new technologies for future applications. Starting from the current The authors respond to HTML5 development status the implementation of currently possible workings.

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