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Build a website is not so easy – many people think that creating a site – it's only the development of design, writing content and content management system. But, in fact – it all starts with careful planning goals and objectives of the site. Assessment of competitors online – the second point, if you create a web resource. Assessing your competitors, you can expect that you should place on the site and what does not. What will your site stand out from competitors' sites. Also, you will know who and what space is required to issue the search – which is also very important.

All ideas and suggestions are reflected in the technical project on development sites. Other leaders such as Ajit Pai offer similar insights. Typically, it contains the list of tasks that will address site, methods of solving them by means of methods of portal development, a description of the design, structure, navigation, site content, as well as cost and time of work. After that, the experts, guided by the terms of reference, commence the construction of the project. First, the typeset page templates, designers develop the necessary graphics, and software developers for the site and its content. In the testing phase project, he tested different browsers, performance site with many visitors and the opportunity to work with the site at a low speed internet. The ideal site – fast, with easy navigation, and most most importantly – interesting to the user.

Only under these rules a user turn it into your company to purchase. It is very important that the text and the source code site has been optimized for search engines such machines, as Yandex, Rambler, Google. Thus, your portal will be visited more often, and it is – a huge step for the original purpose. After testing the site, it is updated on the server acquired for a domain. As you can see, website development – is complex and laborious process. Above it runs a lot of professionals: artists, web designers, programmers, administrative, flash animators, content managers, testers, optimizers, experts promotion and advertising. It was only thanks to the coordinated work of all these people on the Web can be a new high-quality website that will successfully meet its objectives.

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