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However, many people prefer to use firewall of specialized companies to enjoy a higher degree of security. And, as with the anti-virus, also there are numerous free firewall to choose. These include Comodo Firewall, which provides numerous functions to prevent external attacks. 5 Usa, another email address if you don’t use your personal address in environments such as Web pages, newsletters and contests, you can greatly reduce the volume of spam received, and the use of Windows Live Hotmail will also help you to filter junk mail effectively and leave intact the legitimate messages. 6 Protects passwords online if you use a password to chat with friends on your favorite social network and to access your online banking, you’ll be greatly risking your financial information. The best thing is to use a different password on every website that you visit, and also you have to try that they are difficult to find. RoboForm is capara create strong passwords for the user, and with him won’t need to remember any password already. In addition, the data are encrypted for added security.

7 Protects your information in Internet explore 8 alien machines includes a Super feature called filter InPrivate that hides the browsing history when using some alien equipment. To activate it by clicking on security > filtering InPrivate opens a new window and the address bar always displayed the logo of InPrivate instead of the visited URL. Also any information on activities and searches is saved on your PC. 8. Attentive to the Internet Explorer toolbar tells you how safe that are some of the venues visited by means of a visual representation.

Look in the address bar: when you sign in to a website such as for example the of your bank, it will include the padlock icon and is highlighted in green if it is considered safe. If the page is insecure it will be highlighted in yellow, and Red will mean high risk 9 – please do not enter personal information input data such as address, date of birth and others in social networking services like Facebook or personal blogs can lead to identity theft, since criminals use these details to find out the name and the password that you use in your accounts and impersonate you. 10 Limit receipt of emails if you never receive messages from friends or relatives who live abroad, you can significantly cut the amount of spam that reaches your mailbox by limiting the number of supported countries, since much of the spam is sent from outside of Spain. In Windows Live Mail, click on the upper right menu and choose security options; then click the International tab, select list blocked top-level domains click on the countries you want to exclude.

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