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Grab a bigger piece but meatier for yourself and the people – so that there is people – endured for so many decades, and still suffer. And to entertain – that you western "culture" in the form of pornography, drugs, homosexuality, prostitution, violence and science fiction mixed with horror. Have fun, the younger generation, distracted by any thoughts – you think of the older, wise "experience" with power and public minds. They know everything about all taken care of, but until you grow, the adults – over time you throughout life teach without universities (and schools are also not required). Well, if you still want to learn, then, please, but only pay for international rates. Say that your parents do not have that kind of money? But it's your problem, we have – market economy. So how many years it is necessary that the family was the family and the school – a source of quality education? Can not say exactly, I only know one thing – the current generation (7 – 17 year olds) will never make up for missed the attention of adults facing all these years in power politics.

Do all the work in the "polity"? Rhetorical question … "Political life – said Solzhenitsyn, AI – Not the main form of human life, politics – is not desirable occupation for the majority. " At the same time, and this is an indisputable fact, the development of any country can not be out of politics. Even states that have the status of "neutral", have their limits and the outer internal politics, that determines their international political status.

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