Student Quality

We must teach children to read, write, speak, think, imagine, create and share what you know. Repeat the feat of the Greeks, they learned watching all that was in your environment, let us too, let us look at ourselves, look to our loved ones, look to others, look to the physical universe. We identify resources that exist in the community so that from these generate our own well-being among all and for all. All this implies a teacher with a completely different formation. With the training that teachers have today is not feasible. The quality of education has to do with teach students what they need, not what anyone outside thinks they should know.

The quality has nothing to do with the amount of information that the student knows, but what makes the student to have. Definitely if it is possible to have quality education where everything is lacking because the quality material depends on the type of communication is between all stakeholders in the educational process. The essential thing is a quality student who can read, write, speak, think, imagine and create. It is desirable to have good books to read, but more importantly, able to read reality in which he lived. In the absence of all teaching materials, but has the quality of the teacher, this can generate the material. No one can speak of quality education without adequate emotional education. To achieve the goals in life is not enough flow of information is required only force that provides the excitement. The causative is the appropriate emotion, not information that available. In the absence of complete information to perform a task, but it is an appropriate emotion, this information will be obtained in the short term. You can have all the information required, but if it is inappropriate emotion, no one can possibly fulfill the task entrusted to him.


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