Samuel Akinin Levy

Without doubts that in my mind have had to be born something that surpasses my brings back to consciousness and that of insurance by the good already aspires without stopping. Whenever I remember to me of you, your photography arises, your face drives crazy to me and my peace torments to me with the same desires of always. In the game of the love, in which the voices are explayan, where one to the other with smile watches and sets the fire that soon generates the enjoyment. They allow some that another lie, one or two silence one or two desire but what is not allowed, are to watch a face, to kiss their lips and without feeling it, to say to him I want to you. Samuel Akinin Levy When he has penetrated in us the virus of the passion, when the heart no longer us it belongs, when the mind separates and usually goes to where it pleases to him, is almost impossible the return. It has been committed of the errors, the own one.

A being loves the other and nothing already he intercedes, interrupts nor agrede. He loves himself in two-way traffic. He loves himself with he brings back to consciousness, passion, he gives, admiration and in the end with the desire that desboca the heart. Perhaps he matters if you are here, if you are there. He matters in if where you are, you, feel that something of me is next to you. It does not matter with who you are with who is, which matters is that I cannot be forgotten you woman, those curls, your hair, your words, of your saltcellar, than in a sigh, watching, your eyes said to everything what you feel, everything to me what I want.

Samuel Akinin LevyHay a great difference between the man and the woman. Adam was done of earth (hard, dry, with construction equipment), Eva with the marrow (feelings, romanticism, love). To try to unite to these so different beings, the majority of the times is a work uphill. Samuel Akinin LevyLa communication is the key that during the life is granted towards her to construct the best friendships to us and in the end to coexist healthily with our pair. The secret between the pair is the poison of its love.

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