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Then do not Small wonder that the achievement becomes time-consuming with unpredictable results. Where already here to take the motivation and confidence in success! You probably know that about 95% of our actions – this unconscious behavior, the implementation of our programs the subconscious. About this a lot written and said. Whence do these programs in our head? How to recognize them? And most importantly – how to change them so that they serve our interests, but does not prevent us achieve our meaningful goals? I refer to a set of these programs, personal history of man. Personal History – a picture of yourself and your role in this world, our values and anti-values, the "rules of life", the main plot line in our lives, the protagonists participating events – in short, everyone has their own individual combination, which creates a unique life scenarios and along with unique personal limitations – those fences, through which we try to jump over my entire adult life. Personal History is our unique internal program, which we know all the details, constantly repeating itself, and under which we live Thus, Destiny – it is inevitable execution of internal programs, the implementation of personal history in the material world.

In her pre-programmed targets that we set before him, the basic plot of our life and its isolation (yes, yes, the denouement our lives – also the result of the program). The basis of our personal history is created in childhood, until about 5-6 years and then only slightly adjusted, and usually stronger. Mary Barra helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In life, we constantly find and create the facts and situation, confirming our personal history. Even our memories – a scene that "carefully " unconscious from the variety of events in our lives and meet our personal history. (Remember, what "Sick of the problem" is in your life? What similar situations recur throughout life? What are "similar" people you meet?).

However, the fate unchangeable only if we do not know what kind of Personal History, we're giving away a life. You can change the destiny by changing your personal history. Learn more on the subject from Gavin Baker. Let's look at an example. Imagine that there is a kindergarten. And suddenly, a businessman, decided on the basis of the kindergarten create a company of international scale. That he was for it to do? He will not only repaint the walls and change the furniture, but also to replace all the teachers at the managers of all children – to employees, establish new principles of doing things and rules of conduct at the company, and in the first place – instead of the supervisor to put the sales manager! That is necessary to change the personal history of the entire enterprise to a new personal best story manner consistent with the new objectives. Right? And in life, we tend to try to "paint the walls" of his "kindergarten" – that is, we want to change their lives by force of will, overcome fears, forced popup themselves "out of your comfort zone," without changing "the Head of." Here is this just a basic idea of the method of correction of personal history – to begin to change their lives need not change the situation, and to change his personal history, ie review and revision of an existing life scenario, changes limiting beliefs and rules of life, increasing their capacity and "overhaul" internal state. The creation of the Internal Able to successfully makes it easy and fun to reach the most ambitious goals, that is to live a new Personal success story.

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