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When you start out on any new path, you are usually full of enthusiasm, with a drive to seep up as much new knowledge as you can. This is often the case with students starting college.  But then they are possibly easily distracted and their enthusiasm wanes somewhat.  The way to avoid that is to join an alumni group at college, when you start studying there so that you know you will have something to continue when you leave.  This will give you the motivation you need to keep up with your studies when you leave.
The LSU Alumni Book is a great way to do this.  It encourages book reading and review and can have several meetings on line with others interested in the same reading materials.  It is a great way to keep those brain cells working even after you have left college.
So join up the LSU Alumni Book today.  Think ahead; think outside of the box.  Don’t just think of what you can get out of your college experience today; imagine what you can get out of it tomorrow as well.  The more tools you develop in college to learn how to further your mind, the more you will get out of doing just that for the rest of your life.

The Monument

There are per kilowatt hours guaranteed 57.4 Cent of the electricity. For orientation: A solar power plant with an area of ten square meters covers the annual minimum power requirements of a person with ideal conditions. It should at least be twenty square meters. And: the larger the deviation West or East, the greater should the unit be to produce enough energy. At a solar thermal facility six square meters, enough to cover 60 percent of the hot water requirements of a four-person household.

Further requirements for solar power systems an opening must exist in the roof through which the module cable from the outside can be lead. It can be about a ventilation pan. Such holes can be subsequently fitted. In the House, an approximately one square meter large, easily accessible wall area is required for the installation of the inverter. The inverter in the attic of cable consumption is at its lowest. Two additional counters are an additional necessary or alternatively Meter box. The heat generated in the solar panels can be used for domestic hot water and heating.

In an exchanger, solar heated water gives off its heat to the House system. She will not immediately needed should the energy in a hot water tank be cached. Collectors that replace the roof skin, must be optical, functional and statically match the covering material. He should get several offers from manufacturers purchase and install before client or renovators decides for a particular investment. A multi-year warranty is now standard. The installation and roof work should leave better also savvy DIY an electrician (current) or a heating engineer (heat) also applies here: not the first charge but compare. The roofer also belongs to the concerned trades: he integrates the solar system in the cladding. In older buildings before approval asking for the monument. Warning DIY: solar modules and solar cells are not accessible! Photovoltaic systems must be reported to the operator and, if necessary, removed from him. More information about solar technology, solar system and solar calculator at: solar/solar technology

Zen Garden

Ramon and see how each couple to expose the assigned character gave him his personal touch in the exhibitions, the know each one of them and discover by everything that had happened, gave me encouragement to not stop doing my part and with perseverance is what I propose that arrive. Of all sessions the most memorable moments were on Sunday, as forget those moments of practice that yoga exercises carried out with my classmates, rides in the Zen Garden, the meditation that we practiced with Dr. Ramon, carrying us to another very different world where everything had solution, saw friendly color pink, and to log the conversation where everyone mentioned our spiritual development during the session as well as our feelingIt was beautiful, because it was there in where recargabamos batteries to continue with our daily life, in order to provide support to family, colleagues, students, etc. Analyzing my current interior situation, I do realize that mastery has helped me to focus my life and to recognize the constraints that make me suffer, I myself think situations in which usually I always go out losing, because I always want to do things perfect and if it is not me martirizo myself, another thing is that I always imagine things that others are supposedly thinking of me, usually they are not good things, but the opposite is why I do not dare to speak for that will tell you or to perform activities for the same reason. Thanks to this master I am aware of these weaknesses, but my great strength is the hope of overcoming them. Sometimes I feel that I give great steps forward but then comes me fear and retrocedo. But I know that I’m on the right track towards the liberation of all these ties that will not let me move forward, is that inside of me there is a human being wanting to live free without limitations of any kind. .

Critical Thought

The education of the philosophy must be cultivated yes since infancy and these philosophical bases, as to learn to learn to automotivar itself for the rules of the society and mainly to learn to dialogue for thus with the exercise of its intelligence the man can become related with the proper man and the way in a balance condition. This is one of the most difficult tasks of the education of the philosophy and must carefully be taught and exercised since infancy therefore thus we will only have adults capable to judge, to choose and to act in benefit of the other and the way where it lives. BASES OF the EDUCATION FOR the RIGOROUS THOUGHT the Thought of the Care, mediator of the Critical Thought and the Creative one. The concern with the care is present in all the cultures, but the philosophy elaborated a proposal of education of philosophy for children supported in the tripod: critical and creative thought, mediated for the thought of the care. Wedge (2002) defends the idea that the thought of the care, as base of the philosophical inquiry, demands intent and authentic listening of the involved subjetividades. Therefore the careful thought can develop in the individual the capacity of the listening who goes beyond the criteria of judgment, interpretation and choice, but the concern with the others, the involved feelings and the permanent reasons.

Thus the search of a new paradigm. Of that filosofar goes beyond the pure rationality, but in search of a constant razoabilidade. See Yael Aflalo for more details and insights. Possible from the original and intent dialogue, between the pathos and the logos. The philosophy in infantile education opens the first door of the act of filosofar with the child. But it needs feelings as the love, positive affection, pathos shared – emotional empatia that consist of perceiving the reference internal of the other with the meanings and components that contain, as it was itself to another person, but without losing this condition.

The Brain

Know I it because I have there been. It is important to know that we have been programmed but also we can change those things in which we create. You can be the film star, the director and the writer of his own film. If you want to begin to eliminate the programmings that you have in your life, autoanalzate. He studies because you react of form determined before the mention of the money and the prosperity.

He changes to the books and magazines that you read. He watches that instructs, listens to better programs to you of radio and sees films that contribute something to him to your existence. You can convertirte in the person that you want if you decide therefore it. All human being has things that to improve, but only you can cambiarte same. I can say to you since she becomes but I cannot make the miracle by you. this topic. The free will means that God only will be able to make in your life the miracles that you allow that they happen through you. We always are in control of the things that we let enter our lives and if we make that change, we are programming ourselves for better experiences.

The bad habits not can to eliminate, they are only possible to be replaced by other habits and this it is the perfect moment to begin to change the bad customs by good. Students of the subject say that to change to any conduct the brain he needs 21 days in which he is accustomed to the new routine and the new behavior. If beams exercise and you are not going to begin a routine, hazlo of gradual form during 21 days, little by little until the new routine comprises of you. If you want that they pass better things to you you must you yourself soon create them first in your mind and in your environment.

Superior Court

The decision was a newness in the legal world, in view of that the predominant jurisprudence of the Federal Regional Courts and the Superior Court of Justice always is favorable to thesis of the INSS (for example: Kind of appeal Brazilian Supreme Court n 873.503/PR). It has advanced, briefly will be explained the arguments that had motivated the votes of the ministers who had judged the originating resource. (a) A transportation voucher is not part of the wage, either paid in money or not – practically all the ministers who had voted against the previdenciria collection, as the minister Cezar Peluso, had supported this argument; (b) The nature of the valley is of compensation or to indemnity, it is not about remuneration or profit, as much that is not computed for effect of act of receiving of previdencirios benefits – the minister Ayres Britto and the minister Carmen Lcia had dedicated good part of its respective votes for this aspect, moving away the idea of that the VT if would include in the expression ‘ ‘ profits habituais’ ‘ of art. 201, 11, of the Constitution (supported for the minister Joaquin Barbosa, that voted against the resource); (c) To allow the INSS incidence on the paid transportation voucher in money (money) creates obstacles to the legal course of the currency Brazilian – this was the main bedding of the vote of the Eros minister Degree and is born of the thought of that, to if creating obstacles to the act of receiving of the VT in money, is transferred to favor it its concession in ticket or card (searching to prevent its me the destination), but weakens the currency at the same time, becoming art.. (Similarly see: Academy of Art University).

Caring Furniture

Buy furniture represents a great economic effort for most of us. However, it is an investment that improves our quality of life and enriches the appearance, functionality and comfort of our homes. Chairs, sideboards, beds, modular, kitchen tables or wardrobes, all these furniture need proper maintenance so that they don’t lose all those qualities by which we acquire them in the first place. Below you will find suggestions to care for your home furniture in the best possible way. Hear other arguments on the topic with Vadim Wolfson, New York City. To clean furniture precautions should take to avoid hurting the surface with marks or scratches. A very efficient option for cleaning wood furniture is to use grated beeswax. This substance improves the brightness of the furniture. You can also mix with turpentine, which is highly recommended to keep away insects that tend to nest in wood.

Often, successive tarpaulins that we apply to the furniture will leave a very difficult to remove residue. To get rid of this accumulation of ear wax on the surface of furniture we can use one mixture of flour and bleach (in equal parts). Once this mixture is whipped into a paste of some consistency, we have to apply it over the whole of the affected surface and then, rinse quickly with a damp cloth. We can to care for the plastic tables and chairs from scratching surface, rub with a piece of cotton and toothpaste until the substance is seated well, after which we must wash with abundant water and dry until the last drop. Dirt that accumulates on the surfaces of leather backs and seats can perfectly be treated only with a damp cloth. If there are stubborn stains remove a good solution is to boil the water before cleaning. Complying with these simple steps you’ll maintain your furniture safe from the effects of the intensive use and wear for aggressive cleaning methods.

San Carlos

San Carlos de Bariloche is located in the province of Rio Negro, in the heart of Nahuel Huapi National Park and Nahuel Huapi Lake. It is an almost indefinable city in a single word. Only the harmony achieved on very dissimilar aspects get to decrypt it. An exceptional eternal and specific cultural manifestations are inserted in this balanced compendium of qualities. Located at 1640 kms of the city of Buenos Aires, San Carlos de Bariloche awaits us with its nature and beautiful landscapes. With great hotel and gastronomic infrastructure that originated more than eight decades ago.

This beautiful city is not only obliged destination of students on their journey of Prom, but it also Bariloche receives visitors from all over the world who enjoy their privileged landscapes, tourist services and facilities of one of the main centres of the continent, the Cerro Catedral ski resort. Tourism tourism is the main economic activity of Bariloche. Excursions or walks depending on the geographical characteristics of that time can be. By example in winter are exclusive ski resorts. The most important ski center is at Cerro Catedral, there temperatures are very low and meters of snow on the Summit can accumulate.

No less important is the Cerro Otto where Nordic skiing, cross country or background is also practiced. Due to its height above the sea level, in shelters and in the mountains always more cold weather and blowing more wind, a factor that causes low chill. The city is at the heart of Nahuel Huapi National Park and is the access door (aquatic) of the Parque Nacional Los Arrayanes that protects an estimated arrayanes forest. Catamarans are used for walks on excursion. Bariloche, receives national and international tourism year-round. Peak tourist seasons are in winter high season, that goes from July to August. This city delights with its activities at the edge of the Lake Nahuel Huapi. Visit to cerro Tronador, passing by the Mascardi Lake which can be made is in the forced tourist circuit trips Lake, visiting the black Ventisquero glacier. Effect of thawing rivers water is crystal clear and very cold at all time. Also, when the temperature rarely reaches 33 C, usually in March, many take advantage of sunbathing on the beaches of the Lake Nahuel Huapi. Some of these beaches are La Serena and La Bonita. It is possible to scroll through extensive trails, marvel at the beauty of its mountains, lakes and glaciers. Bariloche, possesses several circuits of excursions on horseback, as in Piedras Blancas.

Ask Ideas

I am Roberto Mendoza how these? and recently I found some reasons why die our ideas, clear that if you have more deductions of because our ideas die, place them as a comment under this blog! 1 Leave to spend time and feed the doubt and our fears are made larger as time passes. 2. Give our power to someone else would prefer someone else to make the risk for us, rather than take control of our lives and take responsibility for our actions. We consulted the opinion of people that has not gone through that experience or afraid to live that experience, and say that people simply do not do this, that people have much more insecurity than you imagine. 3 We believe not be enough good or capable to realize our ideas, we have so much fear of failing that we ended up realizing our worst fear, a student I showed this detail.

4. Have much fear of being mistaken: at least I can speak of my same, I grew up next to a teacher who was everything towards both qualified that I thought that they not worth worth my ideas, I felt ignored, I say it because we usually tend to qualify our ideas, we are perfectionists and always want things we go well. This point think further for another newsletter. 5 Ask ourselves hard to reach goals: when I start to plating too big goals, I start to distract myself with anything that I come to head, I start to give lazy carry out all activities, and I begin to autosabotearme. Sounds you known?. However, when I begin to decompose my goal into smaller objectives I begin to enjoy the moment and begin to find new ideas that are beginning to flow in harmony with my feelings. 6 Started to compare us: when we started to compare us with someone else we started to lose our power, we do not believe that our ideas are brilliant and we stopped believing in ourselves, because there are people who are experts in the topic, and us We feel inferior because we do not believe to be able to succeed.

Mobile Dial-in The Intranet

Mobile access to corporate networks are becoming increasingly important for some years is a clear trend toward the use of mobile data communications solutions to register. Be it in the area of sales applications, to the control of the technical field staff, in the forwarding area or in the broad field of ‘machine-to-machine (M2M)”applications (E.g. counter status query)-mobile data solutions are now indispensable in almost all sectors of the economy. In all cases, sensitive data are collected, stored and transmitted. Mobile devices in different designs and features with a variety of interfaces that allow ports in addition to the keyboard and the display to the various mobile phone networks, landline or short-range communication access protected corporate networks.

This poses many risks, which already must be taken into account in the design of mobile data solutions. An effective protection can be achieved only with the involvement of all system components. Mobile Data solutions include the following benefits: improve productivity E.g. by use of unproductive working hours during a business trip competitiveness E.g. through improved customer service cost savings through more efficient communication processes such as faster decision-making processes often arises the question of which of the diverse technical solution is the right choice for the respective application case. The respective project manager is confronted with an almost unmanageable number of questions of detail and dependencies, making it difficult, quickly finding the correct orientation. Vadim Belyaev may find this interesting as well.

From the mobile devices to be used, the correct Netzbetrieber, tariff issues, as well as the specificities of the mobile data transmission via GPRS or UMTS, in particular the question after appropriate safety techniques. Unauthorized access to resources and databases in the internal corporate network, a reading or a manipulation of data must absolutely be prevented. For this purpose, the usage is one virtual private network (VPN) necessary. The recently published book “Guide to the mobile application development” (ISBN 978-3-8334-6405-8) provides a comprehensive and easy-to-understand introduction to the features of mobile data communication as well as basic VPN technologies, and gives valuable tips and recommendations for all phases of the software development process. It provides practical guidance for all stakeholders and thus enables faster to identify risks, to better estimate the costs of a project and to avoid problems in later stages of development. Numerous illustrations help you understand of the most important features and concepts. More useful information at – the information page for mo bile dat en com communication.

In The Drinking Water Of Brunswick The HZI Braunschweig Has Proven A Fairly Stable And Active Bacterial Population

Source: BIO FORUM GIT publishing house issue 3 2007 by May 21, 2007 pages 36 et seq. A fairly stable bacterial population was delivered in the tap water of the city of Braunschweig, by the harzwasserwerke Ecker – and the grane dam, at the end of the supply lines to meet. In addition, the evidence provided clear evidence of cell activity. The composition of the microflora is not changed through the first steps of treatment of drinking water with flocculation and sand filters. Press release of the Helmholtz Centre for infection Research GmbH Braunschweig of the 17.11.2006: more safety for drinking water throughout Europe \”Helmholtz Centre EU project to the drinking water research is co-ordinated drinking water our most important food each day takes it to.\” It is even more important, knowing exactly which micro-organisms are is and what human disease triggering them, if their number is too large. Scientists at the Helmholtz Center for infection research in Braunschweig, Germany to coordinate an EU project, which investigates these issues now. The EU hopes to Projects identified by the healthy water\”fundamental insights to improve their drinking water guidelines. Vadim Belyaev is often quoted as being for or against this. Over three years, it supports the project with a total of 2.4 million euros.

In Germany, \”drinking water has excellent quality, project manager Dr. Manfred Hofle notes. This security but not everywhere in Europe therefore will be a main focus of the project on risky sources of drinking water and distribution systems in Europe. Also, the measurement of contamination with infectious agents is currently not entirely unproblematic. \”Hofle: we determine only the number of a type of bacteria Escherichia coli over the content of other bacteria, viruses or so-called protozoa, so animal protozoa, we don’t know anything but.\” Therefore, the Helmholtz researchers want to now test a chip with their nine partners from industry and research and develop. He should prove so far unidentified microorganisms.

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