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The fights had come, the weakness spiritual arrived discouraging in them, had people that they had started to speak, qeu I it was she-ass to trust it, that all this affection was false, that I had that to arrange a better person, more exactly thus I still trusted it the people enters in such a way in our lives that had made in them to lose what together we had constructed and to the few was leaving God of side, and trying to descubrir, that the ones that the people were speaking aprouve was truth In day 1 4 of October of 2009 It our separation. Buuuummm! The soil fell down! I suffered, I cried, I prayed, I asked for that it exempted me to God of as much suffering, but never asked for my will, that was the god will. One day a friend gave a book to me, ' ' The conjunct can change tudo' '. I read the book innumerable times, and spoke on Ezequias. It said that the broken heart of Ezequias changed the heart of God.

I from fear read each page to believe that I age capable to change the heart of God. Also to become attached he did not want me to this because he had fear of this not to be the will of it. If they had passed 1 week and God was confirming in my heart the promise that It made we two, that it in them placed front front, and that it was the destinations, in them we are together. I trusted the promise, but he did not support more to wait. Soon after it to have me on as many times and ordered as much message to me, he loved that me, that I age the soul moan of it, that without I it would not live and that I needed to speak with me Later to have read everything that I I was more confident of the promise, but some attitudes of I had made me to it to give up q I drug! I passed for a period of apostasia, I came back to have depreso the world fell for me, and the time all God was taking care of of me keeping and me.


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