Dangerous gingivitis: Dr. Hans-Dieter John informed gentle therapy and protection for teeth, implants, and the whole body of the periodontitis is an insidious disease. Therefore, the renowned information and Forum health organised a private patient seminar to the consequences and novel, gentle forms of diagnostics and therapy. Speaker is the Dusseldorfer dentist and dental specialist of Periodontology, Dr. Hans-Dieter John.

He uses the technique in his practice and may explain the difficulty of a periodontal disease: firstly, periodontitis runs long undetected and painless, but teeth, implants and overall health at risk. Secondly felt the necessary treatment so far as unpleasant”many patients, said Dr. John. “The result: the symptoms are ignored for far too long and delayed therapy.” Now however modern and gentle methods in the treatment of periodontitis and gingivitis available are afraid before the treatment is so finally completely unnecessary.” Key innovation: inflammation and gum pockets are not as previously cleaned by the dentist but are additionally treated with a special liquid and soft laser light. Destroying the existing bacteria, inflammation can heal. We can forego almost always on antibiotics and avoid surgical intervention”, emphasizes Dr. John.

The threshold, to treat a periodontal disease at an early stage, will decline significantly introduction this gentle therapy. And that is enormously important “, the dentist know. An untreated periodontal disease is a chronic inflammation. “That can cause serious consequences above all heart attacks, strokes and an aggravation of diabetes”, Dr. John White from many international studies. The gentle laser treatment is therefore also an ideal adjunctive therapy in many chronic diseases. An important part of general health care is to treat gingivitis, an early”, stressed Dr. John. Therefore, Dr. John is engaged also in the nationwide campaign of idi, devoted to the fight against the periodontal disease. More information also see and.

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