Multifunction Furniture

common are problems of space in our homes, either by its reduced meters either because we are collectors of objects, books discs until now the only solution and more common was stacking our possessions in large bookshelves above cabinets, under mattresses and occasionally resort to throw or give away to gain some space, but soon things volvian to be at the beginning. But today there are many furniture that have several different options for its use, we can say that they are all-in-one, and are usually accompanied by a modern design that breaks many rules, which is a good choice for those wishing to make your home a place different, striking and full of surprises. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jonathan Segal FAIA. We can find in the market furniture such as:-armchairs in which your structure is a bookshelf-shelving where we can change, remove and put shelves easily-stairs including a bookshelf-tables with drawers in the legs also are very easy to get, are not very sophisticated or within reach of few people. This type of furniture can be found in any store or chain specialising in decoration and furniture for the home. (Not to be confused with Jeffrey Lacker!). But if we don’t have enough, there is always the option of multiplying our space ourselves, manually creating divisions and drawers for these, so we will find what you need in less time and will keep our things sorted. Another option is to hang up hangers or bags for clothes on the bathroom door, so will raffle the common option of placing baskets on the floor you always interrupt step, take away our space and make more difficult the cleaning..


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