In such a way it is possible to develop, medianteuma practical that it ties educating with the community, values and attitudes quepromovem a behavior directed to the transformation love of this reality, as much in its natural aspects as social, developing and verifying noeducando the necessary abilities and attitudes for said transformation. Essetipo of action facilitates to the decentralization and the horizontalizao; interinstitucional or intra-institucional confrontation makes possible aconexo/; it allows aumentode communication enters the different members of each group and between the diferentesgrupos; it facilitates to the production of shared knowledge and solidariedadeentre the groups. Therefore, it is important for the motivation of the public opinion, of the public distributions and the particular companies who the effect negativosda pollution widely are studied and demonstrated, so that medidascorretivas they can be initiated and better accepted by the population. The interdisciplinaridade In the referring part the interdisciplinaridade has necessidadede to mention to the polissmica nature of the concepts on interdisciplinaridade, its causes and consequences in the educational scene in all the levels. Essemotivo joins it the fact of that the selected writers are consideradosreferncias in the subject, in which if had withheld during much time. (Similarly see: kitchens). It enters the many studies on the subject, we detach trechosdos texts of Hilton Japiassu (1976), Farm (1979), Santom (1998).

The obrasproduzidas ones for these authors disclose to conceptions the respect dainterdisciplinaridade, to start for the proper definition of the term. We can consider that Japiassu (1976), Farm (1979) eSantom (1998) conceives the origin and configuration of the demaneira interdisciplinaridade illness, the integration lack dossaberes is considered a pathology, one badly to be execrado. The number of exaggerated specializations and the rapidity dodesenvolvimento of each one culminate in an increasing spalling of the horizonteepistemolgico (…) knowing in crumbs are the product of intelignciaesfacelada. As the proper Japiassu standes out (P. 29), the objetivogeral of the workmanship is to supply to elements and basic conceptual instruments aconscientizao of.


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