Today circulates a film which argues that one can visualize the House of your dreams, with tennis court, countless rooms, the inevitable swimming pool and be happy when that occurs. In this article development the theme of material wealth as an objective of thought and reflections that schema generated by me. That type of display work, course. But it is a trap, as the big house, for example, ends up being owner of one. Forces you to a long chain of events, first the big house, then furniture that fill the space, the staff necessary to maintain it. The continuous fear of being robbed or kidnapped, in short, the absence of peace. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Janet L. Yellen. True success is not in possessions than as toys can collect to show off and show the others that we are powerful. The 2007 spent living in a beautiful mansion in Lima-Peru, a huge House, near 2000 square metres.

In order to maintain it we had a gardener, a Cook, a cleaning employee, a nanny, a chauffeur, until a charge of the pool. A few luxuries that they did not correspond to my nature. I felt like I have been many times in my life: a weird bug. I realized that that kind of life does not want to live. The authors of the famous secret present themselves as authorities in the art of making money, to create money and abundance. Serious scientists are who believe sincerely in what postulate.

With tears in his eyes they confess how achieving your goals make happy them. With eyes bright and full of enthusiasm-phrases they sell you paradise. If you do not manage your dreams always them will be the excuse that your thoughts are not as too strong and you need the book, video, seminar, Conference or workshop that gladly will provide.

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