When we want to take out insurance to third parties the first thing we have to think is with what company do it. There are about 20 companies that can take out insurance to third parties. (Similarly see: Federal Reserve Bank). There are three kinds of insurance companies where our insurance to third parties: to) direct, over the phone or via the internet. (b) mutual. (c) traditional. Insurance companies of direct sales via phone or internet: emerged in the market about 15 years ago and offer the cheapest prices on the market for third party insurance.

They give you the possibility of filling out a simple form you can get your car insurance budget. To save on offices and do everything through the network or phone their prices are the most competitive on the market. Initially customers not relied much of these companies but it has now become a more common practice. Mutual: it’s an insurance company non-profit ownership of mutualists or clients of the mutual. The advantage offered by is to have very competitive prices for the relatives of mutualists Moreover there are many differences between mutual and traditional companies. Traditional: they hire their car insurance through an extensive network of agents and offices. Keep is structure makes the prices of policies are more expensive that in other forms of companies. But we won’t have any problem when it comes to pay his compensation. Now we can only choose the option which best for us when it comes to third party insurance.

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