Zen Garden

Ramon and see how each couple to expose the assigned character gave him his personal touch in the exhibitions, the know each one of them and discover by everything that had happened, gave me encouragement to not stop doing my part and with perseverance is what I propose that arrive. Of all sessions the most memorable moments were on Sunday, as forget those moments of practice that yoga exercises carried out with my classmates, rides in the Zen Garden, the meditation that we practiced with Dr. Ramon, carrying us to another very different world where everything had solution, saw friendly color pink, and to log the conversation where everyone mentioned our spiritual development during the session as well as our feelingIt was beautiful, because it was there in where recargabamos batteries to continue with our daily life, in order to provide support to family, colleagues, students, etc. Analyzing my current interior situation, I do realize that mastery has helped me to focus my life and to recognize the constraints that make me suffer, I myself think situations in which usually I always go out losing, because I always want to do things perfect and if it is not me martirizo myself, another thing is that I always imagine things that others are supposedly thinking of me, usually they are not good things, but the opposite is why I do not dare to speak for that will tell you or to perform activities for the same reason. Thanks to this master I am aware of these weaknesses, but my great strength is the hope of overcoming them. Sometimes I feel that I give great steps forward but then comes me fear and retrocedo. But I know that I’m on the right track towards the liberation of all these ties that will not let me move forward, is that inside of me there is a human being wanting to live free without limitations of any kind. .

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