The Vampire Diaries

There are a number of different TV series, films and books, where, starring none other than act like vampires. According to legend, vampires, this is the offspring of the devil, they always need human blood. The taste of this precious drink, vampires gain superhuman strength, as well as, vampires can make themselves servants, if the saturation of blood, they will infect their human poison Today, on TV or in cinemas can be often seen movies about vampires! For what would have been a variety of some of the vampires began on the side of humanity. Some vampires were obtained krovkami that can live peacefully and without bloodshed. Well, One of these examples was the TV series The Vampire Diaries.

The Vampire Diaries series – is one of the best series in which we can see otlchichny plot. Let's talk a little story, it is worth mentioning that there is a serial version of the diaries of a vampire. Well, we will talk about the show is the vampire diaries. As you know, we are in this movie will be about a young girl who charmed everyone with her beauty. Her name is Helen, Helen Gilbert.

Helen has recently lost her parents and left alone with his only brother, Jeremy. It is worth mentioning that their parents died in a car accident. Helen and Jeremy at the time of the death of their parents in school. Helena has a lot of girlfriends and friends. Since Helena is very charming, well, she always had suitors. But she is in mourning because of the death of her mother and father, so that about any young people she does not even want to think about! True, there was a place for exceptions. Well, this exception would be young and handsome man, whose name is Stefan. She, Helen, and even does not know that Stephen 200 years and he's a vampire. But it all kind of trying not show. On-ordinary student, who usually attends school. Elena does not stand up, and falls in love with this charming vampire! But vsebylo would be great, but suddenly there is an evil brother, whose name is Damon. He hates his brother and all around him. Damon, hates his brother, that's why he wants to kill Stephen. The main reason for hatred is a brother to brother directly Elena herself. The thing is that Damon, like his brother and falls in love with Elena. But, as the two brothers live in a small town called Mystic Falls. At stake is the lives of not only the main characters of good, but for all people living in this city. Do not forget that Stephen is also a vampire, he is also not disdain of human blood, though trying to view does not show all that he is one of the unclean caste vampires. Well, this series can be called truly the best of its kind! It not only can be seen excellent acting, as well as a wonderful story. The Vampire Diaries series, this is a great saga about vampires. Wait for the autumn season 2 Vampire Diaries

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