Stephanie Dreyer

Peptides help in nature as active agents and messengers, to regenerate organs and tissues. You cause a noticeable increase in well-being and performance of and used for the prevention of geriatric. Peptides can strengthen the self-healing, prevent relapse, and relieve chronic processes. Often, the use can be reduced by other medications. “We were looking for cancer patients after chemotherapy after therapy, supported”, so uses naturopath Stephanie Dreyer, who was involved in the development of Cellenergy – Ultra and the product successfully in their patients. “We have very good results in patients with chronic diseases of the” Skeletal and vessels, weakened immune systems and cooperating with loss of vitality.” Cellenergy – ultra developed the idea of cell therapy remain in the vials but no cells, but contain only the peptides in its purest form.

They are the body when taking available immediately and must be not digested and metabolized–already through the oral mucosa, they penetrate the bloodstream. Stabilizing vitamins mixed with provide safe through the digestive tract in Cellenergy – ultra. “The overall effectiveness of the peptide is already very well researched,” confirmed Prof. Dr. med.

A. Landsberger, “due to the composition of Cellenergy – Ultra is also ensures that the active ingredients actually are absorbed into the body and arrive at the affected organs. I have witnessed significant improvements of health and well-being in many patients.” Peptides are short chains of interconnected amino acids – the long hot proteins. Active ingredients of important functions of metabolism control this chemical group in every living thing. You will long be used in natural medicine in the form of tissue extracts regeneration mental and physical exhaustion. Most famous is the therapy with active ingredients from the thymus gland, which was developed in the 1920s. In recent years the interest in the topic of peptides increases again sharply: by their versatility, the active ingredients are currently in the focus of pharmaceutical and cosmetic research. Cellenergy – vital involved health and prevention since 2008 to the top topics of the future. A wide variety of employees, as well as numerous external experts from science and naturopathy are working on development and distribution of high quality products and provide training for health professionals. The company is headquartered in the central Rhine main area.

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