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Every day close to life: – Internet portal presents Germany’s unique regional newspaper landscape Germany, newspaper country: the first daily newspaper in the world came out on 1 July 1650 in Leipzig. Known as the \”incoming newspapers\” sheet of printer and Publisher Timothy appeared Ritzsch on six, temporarily even seven days a week. 347 daily newspapers with 1,552 local spending appear today in this country every day. Total: 22.1 million copies. Addition, there are 27 weekly newspapers and seven Sunday (1.9 million and 4.2 million copies). This means: come to every 1000 inhabitants over 14 years 317 printed newspapers. And these are also read: an average of 36 minutes the citizens spend every day with reading a newspaper at the breakfast table, on the way to work, during the break in the Cafe on the park bench. After not read that world could you so relaxed retreat, while informed and be entertained.

The local and regional subscription newspapers in Germany have loyal Readers. Over 14 million copies are delivered daily in the subscription. Almost a million newspapers per day are sold on newsstands. The national sale than a million newspapers daily in the subscription and another 300,000 copies in retail. When buying newspapers sales of 4.8 million copies daily at the kiosk with 1.41 retailers per 1000 population is worldwide with the density of its dealer network Germany number one.

Local reporting interested at most more than three quarter of the German population over 14 years regularly read a daily newspaper. According to age groups considered, reach the newspapers their highest traditionally among 40 up 69 readers, namely between good 78 and nearly 85 percent. Among the more than 70 years, more than 83 percent regularly read daily newspaper; and in the 30-39 year-olds, there are 71 percent. Although less and less regular newspaper is read by the younger age groups in comparison, but are also here Range at a high level.


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