National Curricular Lines

The Lines of direction extend the character of the special education to carry through the complementary or suplemental specialized educational attendance to the escolarizao, however, when admitting the possibility to substitute regular education, does not potencializam the adoption of one politics of inclusive education in the public net of education, foreseen in its article 2. The National Plan of Education PNE, Law n 10,172/2001, detaches that the great advance that the decade of the education would have to produce would be the construction of an inclusive school that guarantees the attendance to the diversity human being. When establishing objectives and goals so that the education systems favor the attendance to the educational necessities special of the pupils, point a referring deficit to offer of school registrations for pupils with deficiency in the common classrooms of regular education, to the teaching formation, the physical accessibility and the specialized educational attendance. The Convention of Guatemala (1999), promulgated in Brazil for the Decree n 3,956/2001, affirms that the people with deficiency have the same human rights and basic freedoms that the too much people, defining as discrimination on the basis of the deficiency all differentiation or exclusion that can hinder or annul its human basic freedom and right of action. This Decree has important repercussion in the education, demanding a reinterpretao of the special education, understood in the context of the differentiation, adopted to promote the elimination of the barriers that hinder the access to the escolarizao. In the perspective of the inclusive education, Resolution CNE/CP n 1/2002, that establishes the National Curricular Lines of direction for the Formation of Professors of the Basic Education, it defines that the institutions of superior education must foresee, in its curricular organization, teaching formation directed toward the attention to the diversity and that it contemplates knowledge on the especificidades of the pupils with educational necessities special.


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