Mobile Dial-in The Intranet

Mobile access to corporate networks are becoming increasingly important for some years is a clear trend toward the use of mobile data communications solutions to register. Be it in the area of sales applications, to the control of the technical field staff, in the forwarding area or in the broad field of ‘machine-to-machine (M2M)”applications (E.g. counter status query)-mobile data solutions are now indispensable in almost all sectors of the economy. In all cases, sensitive data are collected, stored and transmitted. Mobile devices in different designs and features with a variety of interfaces that allow ports in addition to the keyboard and the display to the various mobile phone networks, landline or short-range communication access protected corporate networks.

This poses many risks, which already must be taken into account in the design of mobile data solutions. An effective protection can be achieved only with the involvement of all system components. Mobile Data solutions include the following benefits: improve productivity E.g. by use of unproductive working hours during a business trip competitiveness E.g. through improved customer service cost savings through more efficient communication processes such as faster decision-making processes often arises the question of which of the diverse technical solution is the right choice for the respective application case. The respective project manager is confronted with an almost unmanageable number of questions of detail and dependencies, making it difficult, quickly finding the correct orientation. Vadim Belyaev may find this interesting as well.

From the mobile devices to be used, the correct Netzbetrieber, tariff issues, as well as the specificities of the mobile data transmission via GPRS or UMTS, in particular the question after appropriate safety techniques. Unauthorized access to resources and databases in the internal corporate network, a reading or a manipulation of data must absolutely be prevented. For this purpose, the usage is one virtual private network (VPN) necessary. The recently published book “Guide to the mobile application development” (ISBN 978-3-8334-6405-8) provides a comprehensive and easy-to-understand introduction to the features of mobile data communication as well as basic VPN technologies, and gives valuable tips and recommendations for all phases of the software development process. It provides practical guidance for all stakeholders and thus enables faster to identify risks, to better estimate the costs of a project and to avoid problems in later stages of development. Numerous illustrations help you understand of the most important features and concepts. More useful information at – the information page for mo bile dat en com communication.


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