Jose Maria Velaz

Until recently the famous wave at stadiums; became now saludas with a Hello! to your partner, friend, who leads a shirt with the logo of the opposing team, and you stuck in a problem Hmm!, that will That you me to greet me! to mention only the case in some Colombian stadiums. This football mutation collective metamorphosis alone has become an unloader of unfit social, under the excuse of being faithful fans, are taken and run over all and a everything that opponents fans, consider either, children, older adults, commercial establishments, homes, etc., etc. Wouldn’t say, if making the current football this focused on fun, market, entertainment, etc., or environment to what is thought? What I would argue, is that its projection due to mutations and outrage metamorphosis, altered both by those who manage, for those who consume it. And it is precisely the consumerism that this immersed in accounting Bible of the economic emporiums proxies of as crossing them the crucial phenomenon so that conceived and projected recreational activity, transmutara today Fanaticidio of emotions of people and peoples that are in your favorite outfit, the relief of its social injustices. Consumerism endorsed by the great speculative and Loco atmosphere that created the media, environment to a soccer match, which atmosphere preset by the game with pleasure and ignorance of those who believe them, i.e., of the fans. If before, he left recursive and cooperating, in football today, it punishes the recursive for be playing like a kid on the Court and cooperation lies with those who meet specific function. If invented writing and paper for communication in football today, this written communication in the paper under the money sign.

If it broke through the history for the evolution, football unknown today, its history, what will become of their evolution? Only you could rescue, in comparative, its standardisation. After this bleak Outlook, the question only comes to mind again pages up what would think and let well!, what would think the Han dynasty, or the Greeks, the Romans, Italians and English of the past to see that now, what they tried to establish as an act of social recreation, has become an act of social degradation?? Article written by Hernan Dario Bermuda Ruiz. Librarian of the University of Antioquia, Medellin Colombia. Promoter’s reading of the library publishes Jose Maria Velaz Fe y Alegria in Bello, Antioquia.

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