Feeling Calmer

I understood what it happened, I took its hand, I began to speak with him at the same time as it did tapping to him. At first he did not know what it happened and I believe that he knew never it, only saw me that I gave to small taps in his hand and parts of his face made that it feel better. While we spoke of fear that felt then because it felt incapable to render that examination and of how we could change that, its semblante also changed, their cheeks relaxed and its furtive glance of dispersed birds began to take a direction. I asked to him how one felt now and it responded to me that more good, calmer and than his headache there was missing person, but what it surprised to me more went his sincerity and opening to tell things that it often saw me, that book of emotions began abrir itself by itself leaving in my memory phrases that I will not forget, peovenientes of the pure imagination of a boy, free of projudgments and rational structures, felt to me connected with a small spirit in search of an emotional freedom, mostrandome ghost that never before had mentioned other adults and at that same moment their parents arrived and they took it as fast as an eddy moves the leaves. What happened there was extraordinary and I believe that it was the beginning of an adventure without preseated, nedie occurred more it counts and I believe that although they had been had not understood it. Original author and source of the article.. Here, Vadim Belyaev expresses very clear opinions on the subject.


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