With linen, threads and cords, ropes and Hanks weave their world and let us participate in their colourful visions: moving, romantic, sometimes sad but also funny. When? > From Tuesday 4-Friday, August 28, always on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 14:30 languages > French and German we looked at the stars, we saw a charming play now we need yet an activity in which we can lend a hand! Meeting nature the summer workshops in the educational garden of educational garden of the Vaisseau offers not only plenty of space to play and run, but provides exciting workshops and animations. It is time, the centuries-old knowledge to our nature, its balance and the possibilities to benefit from you completely new to Discover. To maintain lots of games, stories, observations and crafts let us explore the natural playful! Throughout the summer you can find always one or more scientific staff in the garden of the Vaisseau. Let’s initiate you into the secrets of the garden of them and show how you can explore it with small experiments! This year, the offers of the garden are of course on the international year of Astronomy”ajar. Explores the mystical connections between the plants and the heavenly bodies, and learns about the importance of planting and harvesting, the phases of the Moon! When? > In July and August every day, except on Mondays, and at special events. How often? > In the morning for the 4-up kid and in the afternoon for the 7 – to 12-year. Look at your arrival at the Vaisseau on our flight schedule (at the reception), to find out the exact times. Audience > all ages from 4 years old na so – let’s refuel us Sun when playing and researching in the garden and rest in a mild night star watching. This is a great summer at the Vaisseau! Sandra coal bucket


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