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July 20, 2007, the company SFAM, producing souvenirs, posters, signs, Christmas decorations, from svetonakopitelnyh materials has opened an Internet shop. Prices for unique items to more than democratic, because all products own production. Here are the products can be found at You want to make an original gift – check out the "Posters with the effect of the glow," "Alarm Clock". Watch with glow in the dark face, made of cork or glass, and original look at lighting. The perfect gift for a child – watch-designer. The clock mechanism is assembled in the factory, the problem of your little wizard – to make their hands of the designer of the proposed materials colorful original luminous dial, connect it to the clock mechanism and secure the needle. Hours will last for years, and your child will be proud of the fact that while in the house show clock made by his hands when holding celebrations and presentations svetyashki – stickers, a magnet svetyashki, pendants, pins, magnetic frames with art inserts, calendars, a magnet may be used as an inexpensive original souvenirs.

If you love to do without a special occasion gifts, cute little things cheap is perfect for this purpose. Glowing materials will help to create a unique interiors of nightclubs, school halls, cafes and bars. Magical mysterious glow that comes from them, will create a special atmosphere in the room and allow you to see is what you're used to, just in "another world". Svetyashki like children, Use them in the interior of a child's room, room here for the generation and execution of creative design ideas will have the whole family.


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