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Jose Maria Velaz

Until recently the famous wave at stadiums; became now saludas with a Hello! to your partner, friend, who leads a shirt with the logo of the opposing team, and you stuck in a problem Hmm!, that will That you me to greet me! to mention only the case in some Colombian stadiums. This football mutation […]

Learning Foreign Languages

"Who does not know foreign languages, has no idea about his" Goethe Any language exists to tell people they are talking about a particular event, to describe the beauty of nature, to consult on methods of child rearing – in short, for discussion of the reality. This article is intended: First, to those who are […]

Home Office

When we talk about furniture office furniture new or second-hand, according to our resources we immediately think. We think about colors, sizes, add-ins, which will be integrated into the space we devote to the development of our business and, therefore, know what is imposed, what brand trend, what is committed with the environment and eventually […]

Wood Space

A well designed and friendly kitchen must have two conditions that are indispensable in current households: a good appearance and a rational distribution, according to the latest ergonomic studies. The aesthetics of the kitchen is very important since the beauty is part of daily life, without forgetting that we we have a place to work, […]

Senior Vice President

More than 1,500 children and 340 games: this year’s tournament bashers Beko BBL and Warner Bros. Consumer products break common ground in promoting young the Beko basketball Bundesliga (Beko BBL) and Warner Bros. Consumer products (WBCP), one of the world’s leading licensing and merchandise companies, will continue their successful cooperation, which started in 2011. With […]

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