With Mouse Click And Speech In The Town Hall

Automation should authorities simplify Berlin – over half of the German homepage of own city or municipality has used according to a Forsa survey ever. 44 per cent of which has required special information, 15 percent was online in the Office to download documents. Another 9 percent have filled out forms directly online. Much can now do yourself online with a few clicks of the mouse, but much is also still room for improvement. “You ask the Microsoft-Germany Chief, Achim Berg, which he longs for development in the information technology (IT), is the answer in the sense of many citizens: that management and administrative procedures were to do all of them online”, stressed in an interview with the magazine of middle-class mountain impulses. What was yesterday still techies, is tomorrow for wide sections of society”, so the expectation of mountain in relation to the increasing digitisation of society, by the always more devices – mobile phones, camera, Internet,. TV – merge.

He is also of the opinion that the language control becomes the rule in a few years. A computer would let is thus much more intuitive to use. After switching on, it is ready for use. He is also the media headquarters in the budget”, so the vision of Microsoft Manager. Many companies, countries and municipalities are asking themselves under the aspect of simplification and savings after the automation of information services and services. Voice-controlled telephone services in Berlin and Augsburg for example offer various possibilities such as information about car registrations, identification, reporting and management certificates, Lohnsteuerkarten, as well as the forwarding to officers of the administration. The discussion about the use of language computers telephone customer service is often reduced to the cost argument. While no company and no authority sets up these services, to save money, but to improve their own service for the citizens”, so the experience of Lupo Pape,.

Managing Director of the Berlin company SemanticEdge. You could now control more and more services and devices through language. According to market experts, the language technology with natural speech recognition in nearly all sectors of the economy will be established. The Fraunhofer Institute for manufacturing engineering and automation IPA in Stuttgart, Germany is engaged in the industrial use of language technology. You can see possibilities for maintenance, logistics, quality management, complaint processing, facility management and the organization. With the help of voice applications, the user can work hands free and focused. Because today’s systems allow a natural language input, worker processes can be streamlined. As technicians in the aviation and aerospace giant EADS equipped with a small computer and a headset with microphone. Can they control while working in a tight engine through the menu of the computer by voice and get instructions on the PDA shown or said by. “Language dialogue expert Lupo Pape predicted that the intelligence of the language computer more and more improved: they will be soon indispensable in professional and private matters”. His company is working on corresponding software solutions. “Virtual personal assistants should not only via speech recognition make telephone connections and enable the SMS Dictation on the phone, but in connection with a service such as Wikipedia or Google was Simone de Beauvoir to more sophisticated questions like who?” or where the nearest Starbucks Cafe? ” Answer Gunnar Sohn, by Andreas Schultheis,


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