Unsurmountable Barrier

The unsurmountable barrier of nos. Contact information is here: Presidential candidate. Yesterday, I was to lie down overwhelming thinking to me about the life. In my life, in the life with they encircle that me. To think a little makes the mental health, what it confuses you distress are them where we come across in them, for not understanding clearly the positions, the acts and the attitudes of the people well who encircle in them, that after all that they coexist us diuturnamente. But another way exists to see this idea: ' ' If you say not to the life, the life you will answer to it: no' '. We go to give attention, in the first idea God or if to want the life will always answer to it in function of its beliefs, of its ideology. The life, its life will result in function of the attitudes, of the acts, in end of its decurrent behavior of the belief that you practise.

A dose, a percentage of probability of good luck does not exist, luck me, that it can transform its life into a hell or a sky of Brigadier General. They exist yes, events in the life of each person that can occur independently of its will, which they can and they must be foreseen and to be prepared, to look the most cautious solution, fast possible viable and not to enter in desperation and to create other situations that mean the deepening or the sprouting of a new problem. After all, we must believe that we are rational, and instinctive That is its positive or negative attitude ahead of the events, is what it goes to determine how much you are prepared or life does not stop or to come back the peace. That state of calm and life enjoying without bigger disasters, for a long period.


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