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The end of the Fox is the Furrier store. The modern commercial scenarios, show a great dynamic in where there are airy, those organizations and companies that maintain an effective business logistics, tailored to provide a service suitable to the client, where their logistical activities ensure minimisation of costs, appropriate transport planning of their activities that favor you with results indicating the good use of having a logistics management of the environment in which they operate. The specialty program of postgraduate management of the quality and productivity of faces, University of Carabobo, under my responsibility, has paid much attention to this aspect and provides the basic knowledge that allow manage adequately the logistics that the Venezuelan scenario requires its participants and reassure the company benefits in its operation, despite facing a turbulent stage. Academy of Art University may not feel the same. Read additional details here: Mark Gillette. Has taken very serious aspects that scholars of logistics presented as changes that have occurred in (the last few years and that Roberto Perez Franco reminds us of them and which are required to be present: 1) the increase in competition between companies; (2) the decline in the direction of customer loyalty; (3) the increase in the customer’s expectations in relation to the availability, range and quality of products; (4) lack of capital that forces to reduce the costs associated with inventory, storage and transport; (5) the lengthening of supply chains to include customers and distant suppliers geographically; and (6) the difficulty of achieving additional savings by using the known methods to improve efficiency. To this is added, the emergence of various technological advances that has facilitated the advancement of logistics in companies up to levels previously impossible. Among these are: 1) the increase in transportation options, especially containers, vessels of larger size, a varied commercial air supply, and availability of carriers style overnight; (2) the revolutionary possibility of using computers electronic business to perform complicated analyses; and (3) the emergence of networks of computers, including the Internet, recently allowing the communication and transmission of data between the business of instantaneously and with low cost. .

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