Tupac Isaac

It put the story rather than the person, as individual was due to the revolution and in imminent danger of death do not be arredro to compromise the principles by which I raise. With his life and example, it is the paradigm for the new men who in their search for liberation should take it all. For even more analysis, hear from HDR Omaha. Not seeking power for your person, if not the opposite, seeking for others, especially for those who are the poorest. But the main thing was not like those dirigentillos who believe with absolute truth, don’t want that you question in its mistaken positions, believing his words to describe the truth in all its dimensions. That surrender you homage to every moment, are the idols of clay which face the problem are put in accordance with the enemies of the people to preserve their filthy life, as if this were the main thing. All we owe to the people and our life doesn’t matter if she is according to our beloved interests not village. Today, more than ever, honour and glory to fight, our brother, our friend, who despite his death, we indicate the way and no cabe claudication in no time.

Only the immolation by principles of seeing our people freed from the yoke of imperialism and even more now that in your town you dishonoring with how valuable having people. How is the follow entrenched in the, all class of thieves that thrive what little that unfair state bourgeois gives them. Us if we are your heirs. We know that he hurts you in the heart which follow the opposite, to the principles that you enarbolaste in your family. Perhaps because our blood not runs through your blood, but if it covers your principles and example that is the affront you have now with your children that you engendraste; but now that you forget by that new children are born in the men accompanying you in your ways to follow the path you drew a day in your life. The same thing will also hurt you in your soul, what happens in your dear and beloved people where ruleth corruption commanded by the party that your denunciaste as the more corrupt and manipulative in favor of the wealthy class and follows now tarnishing the beloved town’s streets, but we promise that this will change, as your heirs.

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