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That is, after the material and color is chosen by you, it is mandatory to clarify – is it not on the stock and how much, in his absence, you will have to wait. Let me remind you that 3-and 6-mm artificial stone in any case need to be ordered in advance. 4. Colours. In color are not immediately identify several types: Corian (Corian) – The most elaborate and harmonious palette of colors, until recently it was also the most widely used. Today palette Corian (Corian) is an example for the rest of the artificial gems and guidance.

Staron (Staron) – the main competitor of Corian (Corian), slightly inferior in numbers – slightly smaller flowers, but the quality and aesthetics of some of the collections at height and in something even better than Corian (Corian). polyresin (Polystone) – a very broad color palette, mostly due to "copy" of colors other man-made stones. Currock (Kerrock) – first and foremost pay attention to collection – excellent quality at an affordable price. In addition, I think many will be interested to know that the producers of the material Currock (Kerrock) can "mix" exclusive color to order. The cost of a single sheet of material in this case would not be prohibitive – equivalent to the group F on Korianu (Corian).

5. About warranty Many companies who are engaged in manufacture of products from Corian loves to write, that the manufacturer of the material gives a guarantee of 10 years on their own material, respectively, the consumer may easily fall down, in which case all will be repaired free of charge. All this is certainly true, but with a little caveat – the manufacturer guarantees the artificial stone, not the final product. That is, since, as a single sheet of material has been sawn, or nadpilen generally took some preparation for the construction of its products, manufacturer's warranty has sunk into oblivion. So, dear customers, be attentive, specify separately – gives a guarantee of the manufacturing company it is your products. 6. Calculation of the product. Also, anyone who wants to order a product of artificial stone, you should be aware that often, during the initial rendering order (before leaving for metering) you may call one price (very low), and after the pre-paid and exit froze completely different price, citing the "new circumstances". Therefore, you should also specify during the initial rendering – the price of the final or not.


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