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These models of beds are ideal for use of space. The runners have the advantage that with rail system used, its displacement is very simple. Another good option for children is the use of beds nests. When children want to play, one of the beds is hidden beneath the other and thus remains a large free space that their children know how to enjoy. If the bedroom has to be shared between three children, know that there are beds nests that include three beds instead of two. If this alternative is not to your liking, or if space permits, may implement the use of a bed nest for two and a single bed. When the family has a baby and this has to share the bedroom with other brothers, you have the option of choosing a simple wedge or a convertible crib.

In the case of choosing the simple crib, when baby grow cuando el bebe crezca you can share a trundle bed with his brother or brethren. If room permits, depending on its size, you can use a convertible crib which in the future will become a common bed. Convertible cribs usually include a changer and also have a chest of drawers by what those furniture would not cost extra. You have to think well what their needs are. Remember that if he paints the walls of white color the room seem more spacious. It is possible that their children want to use more cheerful colours and up you intend to give the bedroom a warmer tone. You can always do so using those more vivid colors in the clothes of bed, curtains, carpets, etc. The Asdara furniture company is a manufacturer and distributor of furniture and has a wide variety to furnish youth rooms. On their website you can find many designs of folding beds.

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