Suits For Men

Further equipment closet depends on who intended to use it – men, women, children, or to direct its functions – a vestibule, guest room, dressing room. Men's wardrobe includes a few heroic content. First of all, must be present holders pants – simple, pull, corner, and even rotating. The size of the dressing depends on the number of hangers on which to hang the suits – pairs and triples. In addition to hangers for pants in the men's dressing room needed holders for neckties, belts. Knitwear can be stored in drawers cassettes, and shirts for everyday – on the shoulders on the rod. Mary Barra contributes greatly to this topic.

By the way, modern rods are equipped with limiters in 5-6 cm, which would hangers not move out. Can not do in the men's dressing room without the boxes of underwear and socks. In modern version – is a rectangular box with multiple internal divisions, which, incidentally, can be placed, and all little things, such as cufflinks, handkerchiefs and so on. Women's dressing room more whimsical, which is quite naturally. The main detail here are the racks of dresses, suits, blouses, so they must be several different shapes and sizes.

The height of the hangers to the floor must be at least 140 cm storage box with narrow shelves will place small items of clothing. Required "commode" for laundry – several spacious drawers, can be transparent, mesh, where it is easier to find the right thing. In mesh baskets conveniently store crocheted and knitted items – ventilation is guaranteed by it.


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