Expecting a baby, the parents think about the future baby room. Over the furniture, the color of the furniture, where and what better place to at first, it was convenient to parents, and then the younger child. Not Remember that everything must be as claimed, it is useful, comfortable and beautiful. At the same time safely and securely. Children's room should reassure your child that he was not afraid to be alone there, even for a short time. Cot – this is the first furniture for your baby in the nursery.

Comfortable crib – guarantee healthy sleep for your child. In the crib until your baby, will hold a lot of time in their life. The most popular model – it's normal cot. Normal cot provided or a hinged side or double, when both side of the bed dropped. Conventional crib gives children the right kind of room, but it does not guarantee longevity compared with the next version – a convertible crib. Convertible crib converts from a bed for the baby in the usual cot. These bedspreads can even change the bed of normal size.

These durable extra features offered by the convertible crib, make them very attractive for young parents. Then followed a four-poster bed, which has four racks in the corners of the bed. These racks hold standard metal frame on which to hang the fabric canopies. Parents who buy cribs with canopy, they want to give a more refined and subtle form of child's room. Round cribs are beginning to gain more popularity. Round cribs come with a canopy and attached breathtaking views of the nursery for your baby. Usually round cribs are equipped with two-wheeled hinges that allow easily move the crib if you need to move it to another location. For parents who frequently travel, an excellent option may be a portable crib. Portable cribs allow parents to transfer their children anywhere. Take along your comfort home while traveling. A portable crib is compact formed, so that you just carry it with you. When your baby "will be on their feet" at the wall bed, a crib must be omitted. If a crib is completely omitted or remove one side wall and fasten it to the parent's bed and align the bed height, you will not have to get up at night to feed the baby. Will be enough to move him to her, but after feeding it back back. When your baby grows, remove the side wall a few twigs to the kid could get out himself.

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