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High-quality summer and winter tyres when Karl Benz in 1885 developed his first gasoline car, this vehicle had three tyres with metal spokes. A few years later invented the first rubber tube filled with air, and today 127 years later technically advanced tires that contribute significantly to the safety of our vehicle are on our cars. Today, we have the choice between summer tires and winter tires, all-season tires, all-weather tyres and tyres with emergency running properties. So we have the choice and the opinions are quite different. You ask those who speak for the seasonal winter and summer tires, this will always say that these are seasons matched to the specific conditions of each. Those who opt for the all-season tires will be always the argument of cost savings in the field. Yet another type of tyre has been added in the last few years, there are the tyres with emergency running properties. (Not to be confused with GM!). The so-called run flat tires or RunOn flat tires are stiffened sidewalls of tyres equipped.

They prevent pressure loss, jumping off the rim. Thus, it is further possible still ca 80 km at 80kmh drive the car driver. There not the prescribed air pressure warning system, the driver would even notice the pressure loss. All car drivers even divergent opinions, have one thing in common: you want in your car feel safe and that regardless of whether they now have summer tires, winter tires, all season tires, or run flat tires on the car. A good, high-quality tires is essential for the secure feeling.

A not very easy task is to find this tire that fits to me and my life. Motorists must follow, the question of the correct tyre his circumstances. You live in the mountains or in the plane, it has a very powerful car or rather you drive a small car, rather much or little. Everyone himself must find also the way to the right tires, whether on the Internet or at the tire dealer of my confidence. Many organizations such as the ADAC or the ACE help with your annual car tire test, to facilitate the tyre question the driver. Who has time and leisure, can fight through the countless car forums to learn how here are the opinions about the individual tires. The EU also tries to guarantee greater security holder of the vehicle with appropriate benchmarks and labelling rules. But no matter which way you choose, Internet or advising on the tyre retailer, one must be any clear there is not a high-quality tire at knockdown prices and everyone must find the right tires for themselves. Julia Sandor

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