Consequentemente to this advance of the capacity of each individual to produce its says adequate, the professor uses what it was taught, as initial support so that the learning obtains to value the studied variants, to extend its linguistic capacity, to develop ability and ability in the communicative interaction, to internalizar really the grammar and not to decorate it and to have a close contact with it, so that it is its instrument of reflection all time that to speak and to write. When we get really the domain of what already it was cited, we have also the capacity mainly to interpret diverse texts, to understand them and to transform them, because the grammar ' ' it is not learned for exercises, but for practical significativas' ' , in accordance with the thesis of Possenti Syrian and these practical occur when the educator works from the grammatical reality of that pupil, discovering its linguistic nature and its difficulty, being thus, by means of this analysis the student obtains to create its proper individual theory in which its to know staff goes to be constructed, desconstrudo and reconstructed. The practical ones by means of the knowledge of the professor will become learning for the pupil, who also goes to perceive that the desire of speaking well, implies in hearing and thus says to practise it and is also with the writing, therefore when we desire to write well we have that to read sufficiently and diverse texts/books and to practise our writing, practical these that will be developed in classroom and not only as ' ' task for casa' ' , therefore the professor must practise in classroom the orality, the reading and the writing. By the same author: closets. To each study for intermediary of the reality that the pupil lives a new way will be internalizada in its convivncia to learn all that content and to contribute so that they have domain and grammatical make the necessary corrections of itself exactly, also learning to prevent estrangeirismos and cacophony, and the professor reaching its objective, leaving enabled them to express clearly its thought through the language, in the productions of speaks and writing, because the man makes use of the language and it he is not imposed and as he says Verssimo, the grammar has that to apanhar every day to perceive who is that it orders in it, carrying, each individual has the power of the word and for intermediary of the studies it will know as to use them. We finish then, leaving explicit the desire of that each educator is takes care of and places in practical the grammar education so that &#039 is seen; ' in use and for the use, evidencing itself a functionality looking for inseriz it in real situations or that they come close the possible maximum of realidade' ' (You give, 1996), therefore ' ' what we want is to point out that currently the grammar education becomes necessary, just to arm the pupils of a fight instrument to insert itself in more effective and efficient way in the society: the use of adequate language to the most diverse communicative situations where they will be inserted, that they go beyond the pertaining to school institutions and if they extend in any situations of its convivncia in the way social' '. (To sound).


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