Orphan Winters Of Yesterday

Orphan by a door through the cracks of a door of old timbers, where in the winter nights cold is strained, and where scorching summer steam penetrates with his DART of sweaty regret at that door by this hollow leaves the shocked cry of a beautiful sapling of life. Through this opening, where two tender eyes vanish in search of cover in the winter and heat different summer in search of a mother! Over there, over here, everywhere in this room, beset by corruption and the chimera, a lean offspring of solitary life aims to his fateful cry, and by instinct, see reach became effigy of that woman’s customary oblivion verdulera. In that room by those loopholes through these cracks through these cracks over there, over here, everywhere in any cuartucho where only penetrates the light. Rene De Leon G. Panama, June 5, 1977.

Winters yesterday a dense breeze down loaded with humidity were the days those forged by the wheeze of the walkers and the exhalations of faithful, tight handcuffs to buckets or to the kitchen of mud. For assistance, try visiting Home Depot. Creeks and ditches were revolts by the incessant rains; in their lamps ajetreaban offal of the campestre product spoke the eddies, infiltrating the caves and sang old metals at the bottom of those waters revenge and impiety endless color. Emaciated, with eyecups projected towards the evenings of hunger, they chapoteaban in the waters overwhelmed naked children with the color of homeless days and nights without shelter; students from the Sun and rain, brothers of trees and faithful friends of mud and thorns. It was those rotten evenings of mud and moisture; they were these broncos Colts without jaquima were those beaches of innavegables ports and symphonic mangroves; objects lost and sought after in fights and competitions; of prohibited estuaries; of albino with scabs of snow-white frosts confused with mud, with desmayados trunks and sharp nangas. Younger days without eyes and without brake, laughter without balance and pain without weeping winters yesterday wound without bandages and overlooked blood. Rene De Leon G. Panama, January 25, 1978. Original author and source of the article.

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