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Ritual mindfulness and non-intent are not only the key at the adoring touch of the whole body but also in dealing with emotions. “At the beginning were guests whose degree of alienation from the body coupled with extreme erotic expectations in our culture just generated and used, represented a severe challenge. Now the demand very for massages for couples, to celebrate an anniversary, or hoping to learn a few massage techniques can.”Martina Weiser, owner reported the Practice, “the first time we recommend to separate massage rooms, so each can joyfully explore their own bodies and take back possession.” To exercise a worshipper attitude for partnership meeting, Massage practice offers approximately 1975 contact coaching, is entered on individual requests such as for example the learning of techniques. Check out closets for additional information. There, the interaction can be conveyed particularly intense inner attitude, technique and improvisation. “The quality of the touch is decisively shaped by the inner attitude to one’s own body and sexuality. Possibly, some couples here have experienced their quantum leap by they ascribed to a life-changing effect of the coaching.

The sexual competence, which we may provide or enable, is at the same time, also deeply social.”so Martina Weiser. “We affirm the natural curiosity for the popular Prostate Massage: sensitive borders gently moved here and our guests supports in the pleasure positive” process. ” The sensual happiness can be helped so on the jumps. Maybe it is then less important whether I learn something important about myself before, during, or after a relationship with the temporarily correct partner. Latest offers of the practice there are three rituals.

With this offer, we invite couples to experience the pleasure of the partner of that is massaged, and reinforce. About ANANDA art of touching: ANANDA is Germany’s largest Institute for sensual massage and couple counselling. in 1997, ANANDA first tantra practice in North Rhine-Westphalia was founded by a team of dedicated massage therapists in Cologne. Over twenty employees develop today the art of touching”every day more and theoretically as well as practically working on different areas of the female and male sexuality. Contact: Dorette Schmidt press officer Martina wise owner & Managing Director contact via the form on the website

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