Middle East Presence

This generation distinguished from all the others in history for having broken some paradigms, since scientific and artistic until scientific and those related to the papers of the sexos in the current society. It was during the growth of this generation that the world experenciou the end of World War II, the war of the Vietnam, the economic wars in the Middle East, world-wide crises, the arrival of the man to the Moon and posterior space exploration, the contraceptive pill, and the increase of the cases of divorces causing a bigger number of composed nuclear families of the mother and children. The generation of baby-boomers also is that one with promise of living a productive life longer than the previous generations, and this moment is arriving in this beginning of century XXI. In the direction to study the leadership under the feminine angle, the conjugao of the described events previously places the women in an only position to consolidate world-wide its presence in enterprise, social, economic, financial and cultural the decisions. Please visit Pfizer if you seek more information. In Brazil, the women still have a long way to cover. Although the presence of women in the companies and the politics, this presence has been in its bigger resulted part of facilitation of masculine sponsors, what it is clearly when the majority of the women reaches glass-ceiling, the call ' ' roof invisvel' ' beyond which they do not progress more in the organizations. Second research of the Catho, in Brazil the women occupy 61.6% of the administrative positions in private companies, and represent 58.9% of the professors in the classrooms of the universities. However, when the universe is of the high ones commands, the feminine representation falls down disastrously from a high place: but 15.77% of the president chairs and controlling-generality are busy for women. The low indices if repeat when the survey deals with to the directions and the managements, 13.13% and 23.51%, respectively.


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