Controls the Market leader McDonald’s with a wide-ranging personal marketing campaign about the diversity of the profession against. It’s believed that kitchens sees a great future in this idea. Already since 2006 the Group jointly with the international professional Academy the dual degree programme in business administration gGmbH also offers the F + U group. Dual degree programs as a binding measure for future managers in the branches go through our students all positions, to get a broad insight into all operations of the company”, explains Stefanie Hansel, as Recruiterin by the job and career center at McDonald’s in Offenbach responsible for Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and the Saarland. McDonald’s right to qualify the own managers and early bind to the company aims with the offer. This shows that the interaction between theory and practice for many high school graduates is an attractive alternative to the classic University studies.

Also the in-house young talent from the classical education branch specialist Assistant for Restaurant”offers an interesting opportunity. After completing my training I must decide if I go study or stay in the company”, says McDonald’s-apprentice Sarah Sophie Stolze of promising prospects for the future. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from closets. The early investment in its employees fit the general trend on the labour market. The young numbers will decline in the next few years from a demographic perspective. It is all the more important for companies to recruit the best employees and to bind the company in the long term. This works but only when future prospects are pointed out as early as possible.

The graduates of the BA program deployed at McDonald’s, for example, first as an Assistant of restaurant manager. Then then all doors are open in the company”, so Hansel. Quality selection: Who really fits into the company for a long term employee retention at all to work, must first of all qualified applicants are found. At the same time a crucial role falls to the selection here also decreasing candidate number and quality. McDonald’s relies on a presence test of U-shape publishing, designed specifically for dual degree programmes in the area of business administration. The test sheet includes the areas of general education / economic issues, dealing with figures and tables, mathematics (algebra, integral – and differential calculation) as well as German and English. The written test is a building block in the selection process as well as group and individual tasks, as well as subsequent interviews for McDonald’s “said Hansel. The U-form test checked everything that is important to us really. Well, based on the results, we can determine whether someone has the requirements for the BA degree”, as the Recruiterin, which is called the simple evaluation of the test bow as a special advantage. The choice pays off for McDonald’s. The first graduates have successfully completed their studies and their careers within the Group started. More information on the Internet: press contact / interview requests Schaller PR MELANI Schaller Santos Highway 191 80687 Munich Tel.: 089-244184-23 fax: 089-244184-25 email:

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